Colllege 65th Anniversary

Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory Revamp Project

The utility rate of Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory has been decreasing significantly in the past few years because most students have their own laptop nowadays. Besides, all libraries, including Wu Chung Library, are equipped with computer facilities. It is time for the Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory to revamp in order to catch up with the development of the society and to fulfil students’ needs.

Students like to watch videos online and to produce their own videos to promote student associations and activities. Some of them even use vlogs to record their lives and set up their online channel; some teachers would also require students to submit video assignments, so students have become familiar with using videos for presentations. However, the University does not offer adequate resources to support students’ needs, many students have to look for suitable equipment by themselves.

When Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory was established, it was the pioneer of CUHK to provide computer facilities for our students. It is time for the Lab to change and adapt to the social development. The revamp project will turn the Lab into a multimedia studio by installing different new equipment and software. Students will be able to do a full video production, including filming, editing, trimming, sound recording, mixing and adding effects, and to make use of these skills in their assignments, student activities and social service.

The College has visited similar facilities in the School of Communications and University Library and consulted their technical staff to start our preparation work of this Project. The Project is expected to start in this summer.

▼ The revamp project will be carried out with reference to the Easy-to-Use Creative Media Production Studio, Learning Garden and MarkerSpace, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library.