In accordance with the College motto of “Ming De Xin Min”, the General Education Programme emphasizes good personality, intellectual broadening and critical thinking as well as social responsibility of our students. The programme is designed to broaden the interests of students, arouse their inquisitiveness, and encourage them to serve society. The importance of scholastic skills and competencies of global citizenship are also emphasized to meet the needs of rapid-changing society.

Role Statement for College General Education

College General Education is an important feature of undergraduate education at CUHK, designed as an expression of the unique mission, traditions, and resources of each constituent College. All Colleges offer credit-bearing General Education courses as well as non-credit-bearing learning opportunities, such as, assemblies, overseas learning tours, and various types of co-curricular activities. By providing students with a broad perspective that goes beyond academic pursuits, College General Education contributes to the holistic development of students to become responsible citizens of the world.

Although the academic curriculum varies among Colleges, the College General Education Programmes aim at nurturing students to explore their potential capabilities. In the freshman year, the programmes help students to adapt to university life and to appreciate the essential characteristics of university learning. Throughout the undergraduate years, a collegiate environment is provided to promote interaction among students and teachers from different academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. Learning opportunities are created to enhance student communication skills and enable them to work in interdisciplinary teams.

College General Education Objectives and Learning Outcomes
The Programme aims to enable students to:
1. Foster character building, and develop attitudes and values aligned with the College motto;
2. Demonstrate care for society, and embody the spirit of environmental protection and social enterprisingness;
3. Broaden perspectives and interest across different fields of knowledge; and
4. Meet the needs of rapid-changing society by raising and enhancing their capabilities and skills on independent thinking, life-long learning, interpersonal communication, intercultural sensitivity, leadership and teamwork.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the Programme, students will be able to:
1. Understand the College motto and develop positive attitudes and values;
2. Recognize the common concerns of the contemporary world;
3. Demonstrate social enterprisingness in protecting the environment and serving the community;
4. Develop life-long learning habits for expanding interest and improving life-style;
5. Describe connections and integrate knowledge across fields;
6. Demonstrate the ability to think independently and innovatively;
7. Cultivate comprehensive views to appreciate different cultures; and
8. Develop leadership skills, and be able to collaborate and communicate effectively in team work.