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Written by UC Luk Man Yee   
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 12:15


Professor Christopher H K CHENG


Ex-Officio Members

Professor Jimmy C M YU(Head)

Professor Alaster H Y LAU(Dean of Students)

Professor LEE Hung-kay(Dean of General Education)

Mrs Christina LI (College Secretary)

Professor Francis C Y TAM(Warden of Adam Schall Residence)

Dr LEUNG Tak-wah(Warden of Bethlehem Hall)

Professor Vivian W Y LEE(Warden of Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Mr WONG On-tung(Warden of Hang Seng Hall)



Professor CHAN Ngai-hang

Professor Stephen H S WONG

Ms Monica M S YUEN (Representative of the Finance Office)


Wardens of Non-residential Halls

Professor Anthony Y H FUNG

Professor Eunice L Y TANG


Student Representatives of the Residents' Associations

Mr FAN Wai-kit(Adam Schall Residence)

Ms LI Qingxian(Adam Schall Residence)

Mr YIU Chi-ho(Bethlehem Hall)

Ms TSANG Wing-yan(Bethlehem Hall)

Mr LAW Chi-lok(Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Ms SO Chi-ki(Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Mr WONG Ka-lap(Hang Seng Hall)

Ms FAN Tsz-ki(Hang Seng Hall)


Student Representatives of the Student Union

Mr CHING Sze-yuen

Ms YEUNG Hoi-wan



Mrs Joyce WU


Terms of Reference:

1. To implement student hostel policies.

2. To oversee the management and operation of the College's student hostels.

3. To be accountable to Assembly of F

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Scholarships and Financial Aid to Students PDF Print E-mail
Written by UC Luk Man Yee   
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 12:32

The College offers scholarships, awards, incentives and financial aid to its students all year round. In 2019-2020, the total amount of College scholarships, awards and financial aid is over HK$10 million, with around 2,800 awards. 

Scholarship and Awards

The College offers a wide variety of scholarships to our students, covering the areas in ethical intellectual, physical, social and aeasthetic development. The College rewards academic excellence by offering full and non-full tuition scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. To realise the goal of integrative education, the College also offers prizes to students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in student activities, sports, community and College services. The awards are monitored by the College Scholarships and Student Finance Committee, to be awarded subject to conditions. Application details will be announced by the Dean of Students' Office.

Please click here to browse the details of scholarships and financial aid offered by United College and click here to browse the latest admission scholarships to new students.


Hostel Residence Grant /  Off-campus Residence Grant

(I) Hostel Residence Grant

The Hostel Residence Grant Scheme provides financial support to needy students to enable them to have a residential College life for advancement in academic performance and for better participation in various activities on campus. This Scheme is supported by various donors.

Application and Grant Amount are as follows:

Applicants being provided a hostel place (including hostels of College, I-house and hostels of the teaching hospital) on the University campus are eligible to receive support. The award amount for 2019-2020 is HK$1,360 for one academic term. Maximum grant for each applicant for 2019-2020 is HK$2,720 (HK$1,360 x 2 academic terms). 

Application Period: 9-30 September 2019


(II) Off-campus Residence Grant

The Grant Scheme provides financial support to needy students who have not been assigned a hostel place on campus, to rent a place off-campus closer to the University compared with the family.  It aims at facilitating the students to participate in College activities and striving excellence in study.

Criteria and amount of the Grant are as follows:

* The maximum grant for 2019-2020 is HK$5,440 (HK$544 x 10 months, starting from September of each academic year.)

* Area of rented flats includes Shatin, Ma On Shan, Tai Po and North District

Application Period: All Year Round

Caring Student Grant

This grant was introduced in 2010, to support students with special needs, in particular for those with health problems.



Other Financial Aid

Government Grants and Loans
Students with financial difficulties can apply for Government grants and loans from the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes through the College and the University. Current students are usually invited to apply in April/May, whereas Year-one students may apply in September.


University Bursaries and Loans
A number of bursary and interest-free loan schemes are also administered by the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid of the University to assist students with financial difficulties in completing their studies. Applications normally open at the beginning of each academic year but may also be considered at any time if the cases so justify. For enquiries please approach the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at 3943 7205.


United College Interest-free Student Loan Schemes

(I) Emergency Loan Funds
The College operates two interest-free emergency loan funds for needy students:
(a) Student Emergency Loan Fund
(b) Wong Fung Ling Student Loan Fund

Students requiring assistance because of special family difficulties or to join an exchange programme, etc. may approach the Dean of Students' Office for assistance.


(II) College Loan for Final-year Students
From January 2009, final-year students committing for further studies immediately after graduation are eligible also to apply for College loans.


(III) Travel Loan for GOAL Programme
The Scheme, established in 2007, is supported by the College Endowment Fund and offers interest-free loans to students, to encourage them to have overseas experiences.

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