Who are you?
College Life Committee


Professor Nelson L S TANG


Ex-Officio Members

Professor Jimmy C M YU(Head)

Professor Alaster H Y LAU(Dean of Students)

Mrs Christina LI (College Secretary)

Professor Faye S Y TSANG(Representative of the Staff Association)


Senior College Tutor

Professor CHOY Yuen-min



Professor CHAN Ying-keung

Professor CHEN Yang-chao

Professor Alaster H Y LAU

Dr Rebecca K Y LEE

Dr MA Suk-ling

Professor TONG Yuying

Professor Stephen K W TSUI

Mr WONG On-tung

Professor YAU Chun-yip

Professor ZOU Jun



Mrs Eastre CHAN


Terms of Reference:

1. To promote College life that is conducive to enhancing meaningful interaction among staff members of the College and fostering a community spirit among them.

2. To implement College life programmes/activities and to encourage staff participation in these programmes/activities so as to achieve the aforesaid purposes.

3. To oversee the management of the College's Staff Common Room.

4. To form sub-committees/working groups, as and when necessary, to handle functions prescribed above.

5. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.