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General Education Programme

General Education Programme


In accordance with the College motto of “Ming De Xin Min”, the General Education Programme emphasizes good personality, intellectual broadening and critical thinking as well as social responsibility of our students. The programme is designed by the Committee on General Education under Assembly of Fellows to broaden the interests of students, arouse their inquisitiveness, and encourage them to serve the society. The importance of scholastic skills and competencies of global citizenship are also emphasized to meet the needs of rapid-changing society.


The Programme aims to enable students to:

  1. foster character building, and develop positive attitudes and values; 
  2. demonstrate care for society, and embody the spirit of environmental protection and public service; 
  3. strengthen fellowship with United College;
  4.  broaden perspectives of and interest across different fields of knowledge; and 
  5. meet the needs of rapid-changing society by raising and enhancing their capabilities and skills on independent thinking, life-long learning, interpersonal communication, intercultural sensitivity, leadership and teamwork. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Programme, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the moral ethics associated with the College motto;
  2. Formulate personal set of positive attitudes and values; 
  3. Recognize the common concerns of contemporary physical and social environment; 
  4. Show the abilities to protect the environment and serve the community; 
  5. Develop cohesion and sense of belonging to United College; 
  6. Expand interest and improve lifestyle; 
  7. Describe connections and integrate knowledge across fields; 
  8. Demonstrate the ability to think independently; 
  9. Develop life-long learning habits; 
  10. Practise interpersonal communication skills;
  11. Demonstrate intercultural sensitivity and appreciate different cultures; and 
  12. Show leadership skills, and be able to collaborate well in team works.