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Personal Development Activities

Alumni Talks

Since 2004-2005, the College and the Alumni Association have jointly organised a series of alumni talks for students. Students will be able to learn through sharing with alumni their precious life and work experiences.

Annual Workshop

The Annual Workshop is an annual forum for students and teachers to exchange their views on a particular issue. Speakers from the academic and the community sectors are invited to the Workshop to share their views with the students.

Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lecture

The College invites world-renowned scholars as Distinguished Visiting Scholars each year. The main purpose of the scheme is to provide opportunities for students and staff to listen to lectures by the world's top scholars from various fields or specialties. The invited scholar gives two public lectures and attends informal gatherings organised by students and staff.
Distinguished Visiting Scholar Scheme

Dr Thomas Chen Community Education Programme

With a generous donation from College Trustee Dr Thomas Chen, United College has set up the "Dr Thomas Chen Community Education Fund" to support a variety of community education activities such as night talks, topical seminars, book appreciation gatherings, art and cultural activities, debate trainings, and language activities held at Si Yuan Amenities Centre. The objective is to encourage students’ early appreciation of and participation in community life which can develop into a lifelong habit of active contribution to our society.

Dr Thomas Chen Si Yuan Social Service Programme

To reinforce the College motto on "Xin Min" and nurture students to help those in need, the College has launched a comprehensive social service programme. The programme provides students with various opportunities to engage in social service activities, and encourage them to complete a certain number of hours of social service during their study period.

Group Sense Innovation and Entrepreneurial Project Award

The objective of the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Project Award is to promote the development of innovation potential and entrepreneurial skills amongst United College students. It aims to encourage students to invent and develop innovative ideas or products, and design a business plan to explore opportunities for the commercialisation of related projects. Since 2005, the award has been named the United College Group Sense Innovation and Entrepreneurial Project Award, in recognition of College trustee, Dr Samson Tam's generous support.

Heads of College Lecture Series

The College organises lectures that are named after the seven former College Heads. The objective of the lecture series is to broaden student interest in different areas of knowledge and to strengthen their all-round development.

Language Improvement Project

The Language Improvement Project was introduced in 1995 to improve students' English and Putonghua skills. The Project provides a chance for students to join optional English and Putonghua classes, which are conducted by experienced teachers in the two languages. The project also includes non-local culture and language placements at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom and universities in mainland China, such as Shaanxi Normal University, Xian, which are designed to help students enhance their language proficiencies in native English or Putonghua-speaking environments. The language immersion camps organised as a part of the project can also give students intensive language training through lively tasks and activities.

Website of the Project:

Leadership Training Scheme

This scheme was introduced in 1999 to nurture students' development of leadership potential and leadership skills. Each year it organises leadership training camps, workshops and social services. The Scheme was further expanded through the establishment of the United College Leadership Training Society in October 2000. The annual leadership training camp and "Adventure-Ship" expedition organised by the Society are major highlights of the Scheme. In Summer 2006, a training camp was held at the Fire Services Training School, which was the first of its kind for university students in Hong Kong.

Lecture Series by Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Since 2006-2007, the College has organised a lecture series by Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The objective is to arouse student interest in science and engineering subjects.

Lecture Series by Scholarship Recipients

The College has launched the "Lecture Series by Scholarship Recipients" in 2009 and invited various scholarship recipients to share their experience with students, such as recipients of S Leung Postgraduate Scholarship and Rhodes Scholarship, Thomas H C Cheung Prize abnd Dr Thomas T T Chen Scholarships for Study Projects in China.

Mr Shum Wai Yau Moral Education Scheme

This programme is sponsored by Mr Shum Choi-sang, Chairman of the College Board of Trustees. As a joint initiative with students, it aims at promoting moral education and enhancing the well-being of students. To echo the College motto "Ming De Xin Min", the Scheme helps equip our students with the ability to emerge as responsible moral beings, ready to contribute to the betterment of society, the nation and the world at large. A student life charter is signed by students to show their commitments to face an array of moral challenges.

Website of the Project:

Programme for Aesthetic Development

A galaxy of art and cultural activities are organised by the College to foster art and culture appreciation on campus and to give impetus to local artists. It includes thematic art and cultural festivals, as well as diverse performance art forms such as dance, music and drama presented in Si Yuan Amphitheatre or other indoor venues. Art courses and exhibitions of paintings, Chinese calligraphy and sculptures are also organised regularly. Renowned artists and writers are invited as Artist-in-Residence or Writer-in-Residence to conduct workshops, lectures, luncheon talks and sharing sessions to promote art appreciation and creativity on campus. Part of the music and art activities on the College campus are organised by the United College affilaited student bodies. These societies have organised many outstanding performances with the assistance of the College and the Student Union, inclduing the annual Singing Contest and various instrument classes.

Shum Choi Sang Mentorship Programme

This programme, jointly organised by the College and the College Alumni Association, was launched in 2000 and renamed the "United College Shum Choi Sang Mentorship Programme" in 2005 to acknowledge the support of Mr Shum Choi-sang, the Chairman of the College Board of Trustees. The Programme was initially planned for upper-year students but was expanded to receive Year 1 students as well in  2007. The main purpose of the programme is to foster a mentoring relations between the UC alumni and its cohort of undergraduate students. Through this mentoring, it is anticipated that students will be able to build up self-confidence, develop good ethics and communication skills, and enhance their knowledge beyond mere book-learning. Since its inception, the programme has received overwhelming support, an overseas section was established in 2003, with students going on exchange programmes paired up with mentors in the countries of their visits.

Website of the Programme:

Social Service Award Scheme

The scheme was launched in September 2002 to promote voluntary service for the benefit of the community. The scheme is open to all United College students and assessment is on a yearly basis:

1. A Bronze Prize for 50 or more hours of voluntary service in one year;
2. A Silver Prize for 110 or more hours of voluntary service in two consecutive years;
3. A Gold Prize for 200 or more hours of voluntary service in three consecutive years.

Voluntary service in existing programmes organised by the College is included in the scheme, such as social services undertaken by the United College Rotaract Club and United College Leadership Training Society. This Scheme is supported by the Eva B C Li Memorial Fund.

United College is also a registered organisation under the Volunteer Movement programme of the Social Welfare Department. Participants in the College's Social Service Award Scheme may also obtain an Award of Social Service from the Volunteer Movement programme if they meet the award criteria.

The scheme has been strengthened from 2010-2011 to encourage more committment from students. To encourage participation, every freshmen in September 2010 was provided a Record Book of Volunteer Service. The arrangement will continue in 2011-2012. More awards will be established and presented to students with outstanding performance in the scheme.

United College Internship Scheme

United College, in collaboration with United College Alumni Association, launched the United College Internship Scheme in summer 2011 to provide training opportunities for United College undergraduate students. Internship opportunities will enhance students' understanding to their future career and help them gain practical workplace experience prior to graduation. As a pilot run last summer, internship opportunities were provided to United College law students. More internship opportunities from other industries will be arranged in the coming years.


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