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Grants, Funding and Support

International Conference Grant Scheme

The objective of the International Conference Grant Scheme is to encourage staff members to attend and present research papers at international conferences. Subsidies normally cover part of the registration fee and travel and accommodation expenses. The maximum grant for each application is HK$8,000. A staff member may receive grants up to a maximum of HK$10,000 for attending more than one conference within a period of twelve months. The applicant must apply for the grant prior to the conference under the three deadlines announced by the College (31 July 2013, 29 November 2013 and 31 March 2014). Application forms are downloadable from the College webpage during application periods, or can be obtained from Ms Amy M Y Luk, Secretary of the Committee on Cultural Interchange and Research.


Resident Fellow Scheme

The Resident Fellow Scheme provides financial support for staff members to invite scholars from outside Hong Kong as resident fellows to conduct joint research projects or carry out academic exchange activities on the College campus. The residence period can be from one to three months. A resident fellow will receive from the College a monthly living allowance of HK$9,000. Campus housing at the invited fellow's own expense may be provided subject to availability. The applicant must apply to the College under the three deadlines announced by the College (31 July 2013, 29 November 2013 and 31 March 2014). Nomination forms are downloadable from College Webpage during application periods, or can be obtained from Ms Amy M Y Luk, Secretary of the Committee on Cultural Interchange and Research.


Lee Hysan Foundation Research Grant and Endowment Fund Research Grant Schemes

These two research grant schemes were established in 1989 to provide financial support to faculty members of the College to carry out academic research projects. The grant amount for each project will normally not exceed HK$30,000. Project proposals from junior staff members are most welcome. Applications are invited from staff members of the College in September every year. Results are announced in late November each year. Application forms are downloadable from College Webpage during application period, or can be obtained from Ms Amy M Y Luk, Secretary of the Committee on Cultural Interchange and Research.


Conference Sponsorship Scheme

The College has established a conference sponsorship scheme to provide financial sponsorship to academic departments and units of the University for organising local and international conferences as "seed money". The designated conference account holder will be required to provide the College with a full financial report upon completion of the conference, and return, on a pro rata basis, unused funds to the College if the conference eventually has a credit balance in the final account. Interested parties are invited to apply in November each year. All proposals are considered by the Cabinet of United College and the outcomes are announced in late December. If funding is not yet exhausted in this first round of application, a second round of application will be called in March in the following year. The result will be announced in late April. Application forms are downloadable from College Webpage during application periods, or can be obtained from Ms Amy M Y Luk, Dean of Students' Office, United College.


Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Each year, United College invites internationally renowned scholar to deliver a series of public lectures on a special topical issue. The invited scholar and his/her accompanying spouse are provided with return air tickets as well as full accommodation and allowance. Nomination forms are downloadable from College Webpage, or can be obtained from Mr George W Y Lam, Secretary of the Distinguished Visiting Scholar Committee.

Website of the scheme, please click here.


Staff Publications Scheme

This scheme was set up in 2005 to encourage College staff to actively participate in research activities and publish their findings. It is hoped that such activities will enhance their professional and academic standing and help them to gain recognition for their works. Application forms are downloadable from College Webpage, or can be obtained from Ms Amy M Y Luk, Secretary of College Publications Committee.


Student Campus Training and Service Award Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to provide financial support to staff of the College who may need to engage undergraduates of United College as helpers in research or administrative projects. The award rate for a student helper is currently HK$50 per hour. The scheme is administered by the Committee on Student Campus Work Scheme. The two exercises of application in each financial year will usually open in May and November. Application forms are downloadable from College Webpage, or can be obtained from Mrs Eastre Chan, Secretary of the Committee on Student Campus Work Scheme.


Speaker's Fund

Members of the College who wish to invite renowned scholars passing through Hong Kong to give lectures or conduct seminars in their departments may apply for financial support from the Speaker's Fund. The subsidy for each application (normally not exceeding HK$3,000) can be used to cover entertainment or publicity expenses, or as an honorarium for the speaker. Applications are welcome all year round. An application letter with speaker's CV should be forwarded to the College Secretary, Mrs Christina Li.


United College Dinner

The College Dinner is a part of the College's non-formal education offerings and its main objective is to facilitate more interactions between College staff and students outside class. College staff and students are invited to join dinner gatherings specially arranged for them at the College student canteen. Please contact Ms Wan Ka Wai, Dean of Students' Office for further enquiries.


Social Fund

The Social Fund was set up with the aim of fostering personal interaction and strengthening contacts among teachers and students of United College outside of the classroom. As such, it covers expenses incurred by teaching and administrative staff of United College while engaged in consultation, tutorial and such other legitimate activities in relation to their teaching and mentoring duties. The yearly budget is $1,000 per staff member but the maximum claim is $100 per person per occasion. Additional funds have been allocated to supervisors of GEUC4011, College Coordinators, Wardens, PE Teachers as well as leaders of study tours. Application for reimbursement should be submitted to the College Dean of Students’ Office before 20 June 2014. Application forms and further details are downloadable from College webpage, or can be obtained from Mrs Joyce Wu, Dean of Students’ Office, United College.


United College Staff Residence

The United College Staff Residence is located on United Road opposite Hang Seng Hall. There are 20 family units at the Residence for United College staff who are not entitled to other housing benefits, and for visitors. The College is responsible for the management of the staff residence.


Staff Emergency Loan

Thanks to the generous donations of College staff members and support from the College Endowment Fund, the College set up an Emergency Loan Scheme for terms of service B and C staff in 2004. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide short-time financial relief to staff in need, especially at times of unexpected family predicaments.


Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory

The Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory, located at the ground floor of United College Wu Chung Multimedia Library, opens Mondays through Saturdays.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest models of computers, printers, scanners, a wide range of multimedia facilities and more than one hundred items of computer software for United Collge students, staff and alumni.