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Application for College Athletic Awards (2018-2019)

The following College athletic awards are now open for applications. There are 38 awards, ranging in value from HK$1,000 to HK$5,000. These prizes will be awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional athletic and sports abilities or who have made significant contributions towards the promotion of on-campus sports activities during the year. Nominations should be made through the College Coordinators or staff of Physical Education Unit.

United College Athletic Awards

  • Chiap Hua Iron & Steel Works Ltd Physical Education Prize
  • Gallant Ho Physical Education Prize
  • Mr Yip Lau Yan Sportsmanship Award
  • Mrs Rebecca Ho Physical Education Prize
  • United College Distinguished Athlete Award
  • UC Alumni Exemplary Basketball Player Awards
  • United College Outstanding Sports Service Awards
  • United College Outstanding Sports Team Awards
  • United College Outstanding Track and Field Athlete Award
  • United College Record-breaking Athletic Awards

United College Outstanding Athlete Awards (for year-one full time undergraduate apply)

    Interested students please apply on-line at the College webpage during the period from 12 February to 5:30pm of 28 February 2019.  For further details, please refer to the announcements on the College notice-boards, the College website or enquire at the Dean of Students’ Office.



    Application Form for United College Athletic Awards

    Application Form for United College Outstanding Athlete Awards

    Nomination Form

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