Social Innovation and Experiential Learning Project (SIEL)

Experiential Workshop of Deaf Culture & Sign Language

What would our world be like without ‘sound’ , and how would we communicate with each other? How would our lifestyles change? As a part of the Social Innovation and Experiential Learning Project 2023-24, United College in collaboration with SLCO Community Resources, invites you to understand the world of the deaf !

We have invited deaf instructors to explain deaf culture and share lesser-known facts about sign language , as well as their personal life experiences. Attendees will also have the opportunity to experience the daily life of a deaf individual, providing a deeper understanding of their world. Join us in this enlightening journey!

Date : 20 November 2023 (Mon)
Time : 5pm-7pm
Venue : Choi Koon Shum General Education Resources Centre (4/F Tsang Shiu Tim Building, UC)
Fee : Free (Deposit $50)
Language : Cantonese
Application period: From now on until 12:00, 16 Nov 2023. First-come, first-served.

Registration Link: