Alumni Bonding
27 Nov 2021

2021 CUHK Alumni Homecoming – Campus Tour of United College

2021 CUHK Alumni Homecoming was held online on 27 November 2021. United College prepared a short video to introduce the recent development of the College to alumni all around the world, with the assistance from Ms Vivian W M Chan (90/CHLL) and Ms Teresa K F Wong (COMM/4), mentor and mentee of United College Shum Choi Sang Mentorship Programme.

It was their first meet-up after they were matched in the mentorship programme. They decided to have a walk at United College while Teresa could show the renovated Wu Chung Library, Tien Chi Microcomputer Laboratory, as well as the good food on campus to Vivian. The student wellness programme and upcoming reconstruction were also introduced.

▼2021Alumni Homecoming – Campus Tour (United College)