Staff Update

Friday Luncheon Presented by College Life Committee in Term 1 of 2023-2024 (Part II)

Friday Luncheon is one of the traditional events of United College, which welcomes College members and their friends to participate during term time. This term, College members were invited to share their recent life experiences and insights in the short talk session. We believed that the luncheons could serve as a platform for promoting interaction and cohesion among members with different academic backgrounds and providing a moment of relaxation in their hectic schedules. Special thanks for the sincere sharing from the following members:

27.10.2023 What’s the Menu Like in Prehistoric Hong Kong? – A Biochemical Perspective (Speaker: Professor Christina Cheung, Department of Anthropology)

17.11.2023 Cross-disciplinary Teaching: The Case of An Integrated Project on Hospitality, Real Estate, and Sustainability (Speaker: Professor Elisa K Y Chan, School of Hotel and Tourism Management)

24.11.2023 The Role of Gut Bacteria and Fungi in Physical Exercise for Diabetes Prevention (Speaker: Professor Max Y Wang, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

1.12.2023 「中大學生怎樣看『自學』:一個自學調查的小發現」 (Speaker: Dr Felix L Y Chao, Independent Learning Centre)