Hang Seng Hall

Hang Seng Hall

Hang Seng Hall, situated on the north side of the College campus just below Residence Road, was built through a very generous donation from the Hang Seng Bank. Opened in 1986, Hang Seng Hall provides double rooms with a total of 286 hostel places in which 142 places for male students and 144 places for female students.

Greetings everyone. I am the Warden of Hang Seng Hall. It’s such a honour to welcome you joining our great community today. Organizing different activities for our students, our hall values the whole person development of our students, aiming at developing student’s potential, inner unity and their sense of belonging to our hall with passion and care.

In this long journey to come, difficulties and confusions are unavoidable. However, I assure you that you can always rely on the Hang Seng community and the spirit of unity it represents. Our members are always willing to help each other no matter when and where, and this mutual assistance is exactly why you will shine as bright stars in the years you spend in CUHK and in the many years afterwards.

It is also my pleasure to remind you that all our tutors live at room no.15 of each floor. And you are welcome to seek help from us whatever difficulties you face, no matter it is academic related or hall related. At last, I wish that you can all actively participate in the events of our hall, reap a fruitful hall life and experience the most from your university education.


Mr. Wong On Tung

Warden of Hang Seng Hall

Resident Tutors

Cheung Ling
Ho Cheuk Yin
Su Chin Yang
Kwong Sou Meng
Liu Shu Man
Yee Ka Yee

Hostel Facilities

Hostel has its own meeting room, activity room, reading room, TV room, music room, laundry room, mailbox for residents and tuck shop run by Resident Association etc. There is a pantry equipped with refrigerator, drinking dispenser (cold/hot water), induction cooker on each floor for use.

Resident Association

In HSH, residents can enjoy a wide range of recreation activities, such as table tennis, snooker and air hockey to reduce stress from academics.

Hang Seng Hall Resident’s Association aims to strengthen the unity of residents and provide different kinds of activities for their benefit. The 2022 HSH Resident’s Association – Sengternity organises various activities to ensure that all residents have active hostel lives in the HSH community. In addition to the annual activities held, namely Annual Photo Day for graduates previously living in HSH, we also operated Tuck Shop at 4.5/F, offering different varieties of snacks and drinks to residents at night.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, public spaces are blocked, and we were unable to plan events such as the High Table Dinner. Fortunately, we were able to organize the HSH graduates’ Annual Photo Day. We built up balloon arches and simple decorations next to Wu Chung Library so that they can remember the last few wonderful moments they had with their teachers and friends during the most difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, thanks to the warden’s common rooms assistance, we were able to take part in the “Zongzi Dumplings” activity with other residents, tutors, janitors, and the warden to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and the completion of the semester.

We are already in full swing with preparations for the HSH Orientation Week and look forward to arranging events as usual. We hope that by participating in Orientation Week, students will be able to form great connections and therefore enjoy their amazing HSH hostel life.

Hostel Events