2020-21 Term 1 College Assemblies [Special Arrangement under COVID-19]

2020-21 Term 1 College Assemblies [Special Arrangement under COVID-19]

In view of the pandemic, the College has launched a special arrangement on College Assemblies in Term 1 of 2020-21 to facilitate students to fulfil their attendance requirement. 

 [Content and Format]

Guests from various organizations and fields are invited to give speeches at College Assemblies; other formats like group discussion and performance may be arranged as well. A wide range of themes including culture, art, science, social affairs, as well as those for enhancing personal growth of students will be arranged for our College Assemblies.

 [“E-ticket” Registration] 

No E-ticket Registration is required for Term 1 of 2020-21. (No quota limit for each video-viewing.)

 [A Selection of College Assemblies for Video-viewing]

A list of College Assemblies is posted on the Webpage of College Assemblies: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/uc/assembly/

Enquiry Tel: 39431750 / 39437575

Enquiry Email: CollegeAssembly.UC@cuhk.edu.hk

General Education Office

United College, CUHK

10 September 2020