Reopening of United College Sports Facilities on 13 May 2020

To be in line with the reopening date of University sports facilities on 13 May 2020 (WED) for better cleaning preparation, United College sports facilities will be reopened on the same day on 13 May, for badminton courts, table tennis room, fitness room and tennis courts, for the use of students and staff members. 


The UC PE Unit will check temperature for users and control the number of users. No sports equipment will be lent out from the UC PE Unit and the shower room will be closed temporarily.


Opening Hours from 13 May 2020:

Mondays-Saturdays   9:00am – 7:00pm


(Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed)


Thank you for your kind attention. 


For enquiries, please phone UC PE Unit on 39437539.


United College

10 May 2020