Updates on the Spring Programmes of Language Improvement Project 2020


In response to the development of the coronavirus, here are the updated arrangement of the Spring programmes of Language Improvement Project 2020:


Course Title (Course code)


Fun with Spoken English (SPE01) 


English and Etiquette for Professionals 



Toastmasters 101: Becoming a Confident English Speaker (SPE03) 

The course will be postponed, the tentative start date is 20 May 2020, 8 lessons in total. Details of the schedule shall be announced in later months depending on the latest development of the coronavirus.


Application Period

The application period of LIP will be extended to 28 Feb 2020. Students can still apply for SPE03 via our website: https://cloud.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/webform/view.php?id=19531, and submit all the required documents after the school term resumes.


Refund of Deposit

Students are allowed to withdraw from the courses due to the abovementioned cancellation or postponement. Please submit the payment reply slip (with your name and student number written on the front) to the Dean of Students’ Office within 7 days after the term resumes.



  • If you lost the payment reply slip, please submit relevant supporting document (e.g. the screenshot of an online transaction record with an explanation statement and signature) to the Dean of Students’ Office within 7 days after the term resumes.
  • If the payment reply slip cannot be provided, the refund cannot be transferred to your bank account directly.
  • Only students who have already paid the deposit are eligible to apply for a refund.
Contact Information
Ms Chris Li
3943 7345
Mr Ken Chan
3943 1288