United College 65th Anniversary Sticker Design Competition – Result Announcement

United College 65th Anniversary Sticker Design Competition – Result Announcement

The United College 65th Anniversary Celebration – Sticker Design Competition was held successfully. We are grateful to see creativity and features of UC demonstrated among the work. It is our pleasure to have members from Communication Working Group, 65th Anniversary Activities Steering Committee of the United College, as judges. Top 3 winners as well as Merit Award winners were selected by panel members. The winners will be notified by college staff for prize presentation in due course. Please find the prize winners as listed below:

Winner  – UNITED, WE CAN!
YUNG, Yuk Ting (2018/LAWS)

Design Concept:
In one of the GIF stickers, the energetic UCians and Professor Jimmy C Y YU, Head of the United College, are celebrating 65th Anniversary together. This sticker pack used two main colors in College emblem: red and blue, with a little bit of yellow to stand out the idea of Glorious United Men.


1st Runner-up – UC Frog
TSANG, Sze Ching (CUMT/4)

Design Concept:
Inspired by the frogs in the pond and my life in UC


2nd Runner-up – UC65UC Memories
YU, Mei Hui (2015/MBTE)

Design Concept:
To incorporate those things that are most memorable for me during my stay in United College into something that we can use for daily conversations in social media. Hope this sticker set can remind you of those good old days in UC!


Merit Award – 歡慶聯合書院六十五周年!
YUNG, Tsun Fung (MBChB/4)

Merit Award – 活在聯合
WONG, Ka Ki (CULS/5)

Merit Award – 鳳凰博士UC
TAM, Wai Pan (2006/IERG)

Merit Award – 聯合嘩啦啦
CHAN, Hoi In (College Staff)

Merit Award – Embrace
LAM, Sze Wing (NURS/5)

We are excited to announce that Top 3 prize winning stickers are now available for download. You are most welcome to download (by clicking the hyperlink) and use on Whatsapp and Signal platform.

Let’s share the joy of UC 65th Anniversary!