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Glorious United Men

  • The College places strong emphasis on nurturing talents and future leaders for our Hong Kong community through education. Over 27,000 alumni have graduated from United College. Being considered a rich asset of our College, many of them are leading distinguished careers in the local political, economic, social or cultural arenas.

  • The Alumni Association of United College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Limited was incorporated since June 1971. It dedicated considerable efforts to develop alumni affairs and buit up a strong bond between alumni. The Association fosters close relations between itself and all alumni so that they are aware of the College's recent developments. Over 3,300 UC alumni joined the Association.

  • 14 CUHK graduates have been awarded the Rhodes Scholarship to further their studies at the University of Oxford, making CUHK the top local university with the most Rhodes Scholars. Among the 14 CUHK Rhodes Scholars, 8 of them are graduates of United College. These young Scholars have subsequently excelled in a variety of professions, ranging from law, banking and finance, to social sciences. >More>>


  • 2 of the 8 Presidents of the prestigious universities in Hong Kong are UC alumni, they are Professor Leonard K H Cheng, JP, President of Lingnan University; and Professor Stephen Y L Cheung, BBS, JP, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. >More>>

  • Dr Tse Yuen-man, a true heroine of United College, contracted Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and passed away in 2003 while treating the patients. The Dr Tse Yuen Man Memorial Tree was planted near Hang Seng Hall and Dr Tse Yuen Man Memorial Scholarships were established in fond memory of Dr Tse.

  •  288 local alumni and 66 overseas alumni have participated in Shum Choi Sang Mentorship Programme and become mentors for UC undergraduate students, starting from 2000.


  • The College works on the following areas of alumni affairs:
    • Cooperates with the Alumni Association and co-organises activities and functions
    • Maintains the Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development
    • Publicizes the quarterly United Alumni Newsletter
    • Develops different alumni networks, such as Class Society, Friends of the Hostels, Overseas Alumni, Alumni working in CUHK, etc.
    • Organises the Alumni Talk Series and invites alumni from different walks of life to be guest speakers to share their precious experience with students

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