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Pastoral Care for Students

  • A Comprehensive Whole-Person Education

    United College places strong emphasis on whole-person education and broadening the perspective of its students and enhancing their sense of social responsibility. Through the College General Education, various kinds of student development activities and College campus life, the College students are encouraged to pursue knowledge and personal growth. A range of Programmes/Activities is listed below:
    • General Education
    • Annual Workshop
    • College Assembly
    • Heads of College Lecture Series
    • Lecture Series of Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering
    • Lecture Series by Scholarship Recipients
    • Alumni Talk
    • Leadership Training Scheme
    • Social Service Award Scheme
    • Group Sense Innovation and Entrepreneurial Project Award
    • Language Improvement Project
    • Programme for Aesthetic Development
  • Shum Choi Sang Mentorship Programme

    The programme is jointly organised by the College and the College Alumni Association since 2000, offers pastoral care to our students. The main purpose of the Programme is to establish mentoring relations between alumni mentors and undergraduate mentees over a period of one year. 
  • Hostel Residence Grants

    To encourage resident students to actively participate in College activities while studying, the College established the "Hostel Residence Grants" to provide subsidies for students with financial difficulty to meet hostel fees. Furthermore, "Off-campus Residence Grant" is set up to provide financial support for students in need to pay for the rental outside campus.
  • Health-related Activities

    To raise the health awareness of students, the College Task Force on Health Promotion organises a series of health-related activities such as health talks, Head's Cup, etc.


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