Incentive Schemes

Incentive Schemes

  • Creative Student Activity Award Programme

    Established by the College on annual basis, the Creative Student Activity Award Programme is aimed at encouraging student groups to organise creative activities with good quality for their fellow students. All registered student societies under the College Student Union are eligible for application. The three programme objectives are to increase the number of student activities with good quality; to enhance the activeness of student organisations; and to motivate students in devoting themselves in their College life. Student organisations have to submit their activity proposals, listing out the objectives, implementation details and budget by a specified date; and the related selection panel will make decisions. The award winning organisations have to submit activity and financial reports to the College when the events are over, for monitoring and record purposes. The maximum award amount will be $60,000 per year.

  • The Best Student Organisation of the Year Award

    The Best Student Organisation of the Year Award is established by the College to encourage the student bodies that have excellent performance in both their internal affairs and services to the fellow students.  All registered student organizations under the College Student Union, including residents’ associations, non-residential hall associations, interest groups and departmental or faculty based societies are eligible for nomination. Every year, nomination will be made jointly by the Student Union Executive Committee and Student Union Council, and the College will make the endorsement, and the maximum award amount will be $10,000.