Large-scaled Student Activities

Large-scaled Student Activities

The College encourages students to strike a well balance between studies and extra-curricular activities. The College hopes that students can actively participate and organise activities. Every year, the College Student Union will form Organising Committee to plan for the four large-scaled student activities, including Orientation Camp, Anniversary Student Activities, Singing Contest and UC Bun. The College hopes that student can learn to cooperate with peers, improve their communication and time management skills, enhance their leadership and increase their sense of belongings to United College.

Orientation Camp

The College Orientation Camp is held in late August every year. Through the four-day-three-night camp, the Organising Committee aims at helping freshmen to understand university life and establish networks; through a series of mass games and theme activities, they can gain knowledge in the College and reflect on the role of university students and plan for their undergraduate studies.

Anniversary Student Activities

The College Anniversary Student Activities are held in mid-October every year. Main activities include UC Run, Open Bazzar, Birthday Party and Feast for a thousand, etc. Apart from students, College stakeholders, such as College Trustees, staff and alumni will join the celebration to share the joy and celebrate College’s Anniversary.

Singing Contest

The College Singing Contest is held in February every year. Through the contest and guest performance, the Organising Committee aims at providing opportunities to students to show their talents and organising a cultural activity in good quality. Other than solo and group singing, the Organising Committee also invites student bodies to join the contest to add more fun.

UC Bun

UC Bun is held in March every year. Through a week’s activities, the Organising Committee aims at organising creative and new group activities and mass games. It is hoped that the event will help to relieve the students’ pressure in study with a relaxing, joyful and friendly atmosphere.