Interest Groups

College Debate Team

The College Cantonese Debate Team was formed in 2000, with the objective of developing student interest in debate and improving their logical thinking, organisation and public presentation skills. The team has had good support from students over the years and organises regularly friendly matches with other debate teams. The Dean of Students’ Office coordinates in recruitment and Senior College Tutor serves as advisor for the team. 

Toastmasters Club

The United College Toastmasters Club was chartered by the Toastmasters International in September 2005 to promote English public speaking amongst United College students. The motto of the club is ‘take the stage, speak your world’. At Toastmasters meetings, members learn by speaking to groups and working with others in a supportive environment. Members receive trainings on impromptu speaking, public speaking and presentation, and effective listening and leadership through practice and the aid of structured training manuals and feedback from their fellow club members.


Drama Club

The Drama Club was formed by a group of students who were enthusiastic about drama and acting. The club has participated actively in drama performance in various public occasions. Every year, the club also organises drama, mini-shows and summer drama training camps, and participates in the Inter-college Drama Competition.


The Chinese Martial Arts Society

The Chinese Martial Arts Society of United College was formed in 1987, with the aim to promote Chinese martial arts of North Shaolin stream.  Members not only have the chance to practise martial arts, but also learn the related virtue and morality.  The Society has a lion dance team, which will perform in important College events and festive occasions, such as College Anniversary and Lunar New Year gatherings, to enhance the atmosphere.  The Chinese martial arts activities are well supported by local and international students, including exchange students.

Rotaract Club

The College’s Rotaract Club was founded in 1968, which was the first Rotaract Club for youth in Hong Kong. Every year, these clubs organise many meaningful events and actively serve our local community. In the recent years, their service boundary has been broadened to mainland China and overseas countries.


Astronomy Club

In order to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about astronomy, United College Astronomy Club organises workshops and star gazing activities so that students can master some star gazing basics and techniques on using different equipment.

Leadership Training Society

United College Leadership Training Society was encouraged to establish in October 2000 under the College Leadership Training Scheme launched in 1999. A variety of activities are organized each year by the Society, to discover talents and potentials of students, to nurture leadership skills and to foster team spirit, as well as to serve the society. Highlight activities over the years included Leadership Training Camp, Adventure-Ship Expedition, Training Camp in Fire Services Training School and War Game.

United College Choir

The United College Choir of The Chinese University of Hong Kong was established in 2011 with the goal of nurturing musical appreciation among United College students. Through choral training, the Choir aims to bring together students who share a passion for singing and an interest in music, fostering a sense of belonging among them. The UC Choir has collaborated with various community organisations and actively engaged in volunteer services as a way to contribute to society.

Continuing this legacy, the College formed a new generation of the United College Choir in 2023. The UC Choir remains committed to the school motto of “Ming De Xin Min”, creating a positive impact within the College and beyond through music.

Multimedia Production Team

The College established the Multimedia Production Team in 2022 to nurture the photography talents of United College students. Beyond documenting behind-the-scenes moments of the College events, students have the opportunity to unleash their creativity by producing the annual promotional video for the College. From scriptwriting and filming to post-production, the entire process is led by students. Moreover, the Team organises various activities, including street photography workshops and online photo exhibitions, to facilitate mutual learning among photography enthusiasts.