Student Financial Aid

A number of College bursary and interest-free loan schemes are available to students who are in sudden financial difficulties. The amount of each grant/loan is determined by individual needs.

  • Student Emergency Grants
  • Wong Fung Ling Student Loan
  • United College Travel Loan for Non-local Academic Activities
  • Non-local Short-term Study Studentships
  • Student Campus Training and Service Awards

The Financial Aid is available for students throughout the year. Please contact College staff for application, enquiry or assistance.

Student Residence Grant Scheme

The College student residence grant scheme provides financial support to needy students, enabling them to have hostel life for advancement in academic performance and for better participation in various activities on campus.  This Scheme is supported by various donors.

Hostel Residence Grant

Students being provided a hostel place (including hostels of College, I-house and hostels for medical students) on the University campus are eligible to apply.

  • Cheung Chiu Hin Hostel Residence Grants
  • Jacinto Tong Hostel Residence Grants
  • Mr and Mrs Wong Cheung Huang Hostel Residence Grants
  • United College Hostel Residence Grants
  • Yau Ying Sum Hostel Residence Grants

Off-Campus Residence Grant

The Grant Scheme provides financial support to students who have not been assigned a hostel place on campus, to rent a place off-campus closer to the University compared with the family

  • Yau Ying Sum Off-Campus Residence Grants

Other Financial Aid

University Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is responsible for the administration of University scholarships and financial aid schemes, e.g. Admission Scholarships, Scholarships for Local/Overseas Studies, Loans, Summer Subsistence and Travel Loan Scheme, Student Residence Bursary Scheme and Student Campus Work Schemes, which are provided by the University depending on students’ financial situation, or their outstanding performance in academic or other areas.  Please refer to the website of Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for more details.


Government Financial Aid

The Hong Kong Government established The Student Finance Office (SFO) of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency (WFSFAA), to provide various financial aid schemes in the form of grants and loans, in order to help local students in need to finish their studies.  Please refer to the website of Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for more details.