Social Innovation and Experiential Learning Project (SIEL)

Aging Simulation Workshop – Is CUHK campus elderly friendly?

The first activity of SIEL 2022-23 cooperated with Eldpathy to organize an Aging Simulation Workshop. Eldpathy is the first social enterprise offerings Elderly simulation programmes in Hong Kong. It’s team consist of elderly and young people.

The workshop was held on 29 December, 2022 in CUHK campus, all the participants gathered at YIA classroom to have a briefing and warm-up games. Students had to take turn to put on the elderly simulation suit including presbyopia glasses, simulating slouching, muscle and joint degeneration to experience the physical condition of the elderly.

The elderly volunteers of Eldpathy companied the students walked around the CUHK campus e.g. slope and stairs in order to experience the 80-year-old physical condition, through which developed empathy to the elderly.

At last, all the participants gathered to share their thoughts and reflections about the workshop. Students claimed that the workshop could let them experience the constraints and feelings of the elderly. The instructor also encouraged students to demonstrate caring and love, help and support to the elderly around them in the community!