Staff Update
18 Dec 2023

【UC Staff Association】 2023 Christmas Party

United College Staff Association (UCSA) held the 2023 Christmas Party on 18 December 2023 at the United College Staff Common Room.

Two game booths were set at the reception for participants to have fun before the party. The games were brand new this year which include the Table Hockey Challenge and Nintendo SWITCH video games. Guests were obsessed with the Table Hockey Challenge and played numerous friendly matches.

The party started with Professor Steve Y L Tse of the Department of Chemistry being the host of the party. Professor Peter C K Cheung, Chairperson of UCSA, and Professor Stephen H S Wong, College Head, gave a short speech and seasonal greetings right after the opening respectively. Afterwards, Professor Tse, Professor Cheung, Professor Wong together with the committee members of the UCSA 2023-2024  toasted and wished every member health and joy in the coming festival ahead! This marked the start of the buffet lunch with turkeys.

Bingo game and lucky draw are always the most exciting parts of the whole event. This year, the Association is fortunate to receive donations from the following college members. Vote of thanks and acknowledgment go to:

Dr CHAN Man Hin Tony

Mr SO Pak Cheung Roger

Ms CHEUNG Ka Yee Crystal

Professor TANG Leung Sang Nelson

Professor CHEUNG Chi Keung Peter

Professor TIAN Xiaoyu

Mrs CHOW CHUNG Bo Wah Jackie

Professor TSE Chi Shing

Mr HO Wai Keung Ray

Ms TSE Nga Ting Sharon

Professor KWAN Hoi Shan

Professor TSE Ying Lung Steve

Dr KWAN Tsz Ho

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin

Ms LAM Kit Lin

Professor WONG Heung Sang Stephen

Ms LAU Nim Yan Memory

Mr WONG On Tung

Professor LEE Hung Kay

Mr WONG Wai Kay Ricky

Dr LIU Kin Yat

Professor WOO Kam Sang


Ms YAN Hau Yee Lina

Ms LUK Man Yee Amy


And we are glad to present this year’s winner of Bingo Game and lucky fellow of Lucky Draw to you:

Big Prize Winner of Bingo:

Mrs CHOW CHUNG Po Wah Jackie, Dean of Students’ Office, United College

Big Prize Winner of Lucky Draw:

Professor LAM Kin Che, Senior College Tutor, United College

Moreover, every participant could get a Christmas gift to share the joy of this festive season!

UCSA hopes every member has enjoyed the party. Wishing you all good luck and health! See you at the party again next year!