Student Development
12 Nov 2022

An Invisible Disability – Silent Detective

Hearing impairment is an “invisible disability”. People with hearing disability looks no different from us, but are facing much more difficulties in daily life. What would our lives be like if we could no longer hear voices and sounds? What challenges will be arisen in face-to-face interactions? 15 College students participated and experienced the life of the hearing impaired in the “Silent Detective” organised by the “Dialogue in the Dark” on 12 November 2022.

To simulate a world of silence, participants were required to wear earphones throughout the activity. Participants needed to use sign language, demonstrated by the instructor, and body language to solve a series of mysterious cases without relying on any voices or sounds. After solving all cases, participants were surprised by the fact that the instructors, who had been facilitating the game flow, have hearing loss. In order to understand the life of the people with hearing loss, a sign language interpreter was arranged by the College to answer students’ questions about the hearing-impaired community of having hearing loss.

Through game-solving and talking with disabilities, participants learnt that the intention to try to understand other thoughts is more important than the language or any other means of communication alone. It is hoped that students could learn to be more grateful and treasure what they currently have. Moreover, it was a good chance for them to understand the needs of people around them and accept different communities. These are the keys to build a harmonious and inclusive society.