Staff Update
18 Dec 2023

【UC Staff Association】Winter Taishi Snake Meal

Taishi Snake Meal organised by the United College Staff Association (UCSA) marked the full resumption of staff gatherings and activities in 2023-2024 after the pandemic. With UCSA sponsorship, 22 UCSA members enjoyed a warm and delicious snake meal at a favorable price at the Tao Heung Training Restaurant in Fo Tan on 18 December 2023. Festive gourmets, including snake soup pot, traditional lamb stew, steamed eel, roasted crispy goose, stir-fried glutinous rice, sweet red bean soup, etc., were arranged.

The long-awaited meal brought smiles and satisfaction to the participating members throughout the meal. There was continuous chit-chats and catch-ups among colleagues. Another highlight of the evening was the Lucky Draw session! UCSA was pleased to receive ten gifts sponsored by Professor Kwan Hoi Shan, Senior College Tutor . Professor Peter C K Cheung and Professor Kwan drew ten lucky winners together.

Congratulations to the lucky colleagues again and wishing you all a warm and harmonious winter season!