Staff Update

CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Cup 2024

The CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Cup (VC’s Cup) has returned after a decade! Over 30 UC affiliated staff members, colleagues from the Dean of Students’ Office and resident tutors actively participated in practice sessions and the five ball games, including soccer, basketball, badminton, tennis, and table tennis from March to April 2024.  The participants competed against colleagues from other Colleges, Graduate School, and the Central Departments, showcasing their athletic skills. The basketball team achieved a perfect record in the preliminary rounds and successfully advanced to the Final on 13 April 2024, securing the position of first runner-up in the CUHK Vice-Chancellor’s Cup 2024 Basketball Tournament.

Let’s recap the exciting moments of each team:

▼UC Basketball Team
The basketball final took place at the Yeung Ming Biu Indoor Sports Centre, where even the team were up against the strong opponent—New Asia College. UC Team fearlessly took the field and grew stronger as the game went on.

Many UC colleagues showed up to support and cheer for the Team during the Final!

The winning teams of the VC’s Cup Basketball Competition (from left: New Asia College, United College, and Graduate School) took a group photo in the Prize Presentation Ceremony.

▼UC Soccer Team
During the preliminary rounds, UC Soccer Team had already faced off against strong opponents which were heated VC’s Cup soccer winners. Ultimately, the team concluded the competitions with one victory and two losses. Despite the intense competition, they gave their best effort in each match.

UC soccer team gave their best efforts even facing off strong opponents.

▼UC Badminton Team
For badminton, UC Team achieved two victories out of three in the preliminary games. Unfortunately, despite their strong performance, the team did not accumulate enough game points to advance to the Final.

A group photo of UC Badminton Team.

▼UC Table Tennis and Tennis Teams
It’s heartwarming to know that despite not making it to the finals, the UC Table Tennis and Tennis Teams received enthusiastic support from UC colleagues. The camaraderie and enjoyment shared during the matches are what truly make these teams memorable.

A group photo of UC Table Tennis Team.

Although the College did not win in other ball games, all the players gave their best in every match, especially when against the Graduate School Team, in their Vice-Chancellor’s Cup debut. UC Team was well-prepared and fought for every point. It is indeed an honorable defeat!

Once again, a big thank you to all the players for their unwavering efforts over the past few months!