Student Development

Six Halls Vibrant Events in Full Bloom

Establishment of Chan Chun Ha Hostel Alumni Association

Chan Chun Ha Hostel, which is approaching its 20th anniversary this year, held the Spring Feast on 22 February 2024. This event not only celebrated the Lunar New Year, but also marked the formation of CCHH Alumni Association. Apart from the college guests, CCHH residents and members of former CCHH resident’s associations also attended the spring feast, witnessing the establishment of the alumni association. The spring feast was eventful, with participants gathering to enjoy Poon Choi and taking part in the lucky draw, creating a memorable night.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of CCHH, a series of festive activities will be organised. We invite everyone to join us in saying, “Happy 20th birthday to CCHH!”

Event of Student Residents’ Associations – High Table Dinner

The high table dinner is one of the non-formal educational activities and it also serves as a highlight event of each hostel. During the occasion, residents have the opportunity to dress formally and participate in the dinner. Professor Stephen H S Wong, College Head, Professor Martin C S Wong, Associate Head and Dean of Students, Professor Lee Hung Kay, Associate Head and Dean of General Education, Professor Tang Sze Wing, Associate Head, Dr Tony M H Chan, College Secretary, and the wardens fully support the activities of each hostel as always!

Adam Schall Residence       

The Residents’ Association of Adam Schall Residence organised their annual High Table Dinner on 28 March 2024 with the theme of “Solivagant”.

College alumnus, Mr Mau Hou Cheong, vocalist of RubberBand, a famous Hong Kong Cantopop band, was invited as the guest speaker. Mr Mau shared his experiences on pursuing his dream in music while studying in United College.  Additionally, he imparted valuable insights to students who share a passion for music.

Bethlehem Hall

On 27 March 2024, the Bethlehem Hall Residents’ Association organised the annual High Table Dinner. It was an honour to have Ms Teresa K M Wong, founder of JAM Island Theatre, as the guest speaker for the dinner. As an alumnus of United College, Teresa recounted her journey of studying in engineering at CUHK and becoming the artistic director of her theatre company. Her inspiring narrative of integrating her passion for STEM and the arts within the realm of education sparked a lively Q&A session among residents. To conclude the evening, guests took photos with the balloon arch adorned by BH’s signature purple.

Chan Chun Ha Hostel

The Chan Chun Ha Hostel Residents’ Association hosted a high table dinner on 25 March 2024, enchantingly themed “Chantangled”, inspired by Disney’s movie “Tangled”.  About 60 participants attended the event. It was a privilege to have Mr Ming Tai, a relic organiser , gracing the occasion as the guest speaker.  Mr Ming Tai shared with us his personal stories and work experience, providing a wealth of knowledge to the participants.

Hang Seng Hall

70 elegantly dressed participants attended the high table dinner organised by the Hang Seng Hall Residents’ Association on 12 March 2024. The highlight of the evening was the insightful sharing, titled “The Turning Point of Life”, delivered by guest speaker, Dr William M F Wong, College trustee and alumnus. Dr Wong is not only a senior counsel, but he is also a Recorder of the High Court of Hong Kong and a Non-Executive Director of The Airport Authority Hong Kong. Being a graduate of Integrated Bachelor of Business Administration Programme, Dr Wong shared how he explored his interest in studying law during his time as an undergraduate student. Moreover, being a graduate from HSH, he also recounted some of his most unforgettable memories living in the hostel. Attendees greatly benefited from Dr Wong’s profound experiences and insights.

Events of Non-residential Halls

Non-residential Halls also organised various activities for our non-resident students, creating a lively atmosphere on the UC campus.

Pak Chuen Hall

The Pak Chuen Craft Month organised by Pak Chuen Hall was held from 19 to 21 March 2024. This event featured with three different types of workshops: “Twisted Blossoms”: a flower workshop, “Fragrant Melodies”: a perfume blending workshop, and “Colorful Muses”: a mosaic candle holder workshop. These workshops provided students with a temporary respite from their everyday academic pressures. Approximately 50 students participated in the event, where they not only showcased their creativity by crafting their art pieces, but also had the opportunity to meet like-minded friends with shared interests during the workshops.

Additionally, the Pak Chuen market was held on 27 March. The market featured over 20 booths with a wide diversity of offerings, from homemade food to perfumes. Some of the booths were hosted by student societies of the College. Students sold anything they could imagine. Participants had the opportunity to have a bite of delicious food, purchase ornaments, and take photos with handmade decorations at the market.

Ping Fan Hall

The Ping Fan Communal Meal was held on 8 March 2024, with approximately 80 participants joined this occasion. In addition to delicious Poon Choi, the event featured exciting games, a raffle with abundant prizes and spectacular performances by Wanted Music, a dance performance by the Ping Fan Association members, and a band performance. All participants had a pleasant and memorable evening together.