College Initiatives

We Unite on the Mountain Top

United College has an inseparable relationship with “mountain” as its location is on the mountain top. Journey in UC is more or less the same as hiking, of which everyone begins with the different intention: some would like to climb up to the top to see the wonderful world; some enjoy the venerable moments with friends during the journey; some are fascinated by exploring the  unknown. No matter where we begin, we all united on the top of this mountain. This is where we kickoff our promotion project, “We Unite on the Mountain Top”.

The story of “We Unite on the Mountain Top” started with the first impression of a college alumnus. Same as every UC freshman, our main character was confused when he first came to UC. He could hardly remember what happened on the first day of hostel check-in, except for the fact that he failed to find the right way to Chan Chun Ha Hostel.  However, he experienced the vitality of UC as he passed by the “Couple Road” with his bulky luggage. He saw a group of passionate students preparing for their activities happily.

Stories went on with the adventure of our main character in CUHK: He discovered that CUHK was not only a place for learning new knowledge, it was also a place to explore his potentials. Thanks to different opportunities provided by the College, he was able to find out what he was keen on. As the time went by, the camera shot became clearer. The main character was exhausted sometimes in his adventure. It was fortunate that the college was always here to support the students when they were in need.

By the end of the journey, our main character was not alone. Even though he was so unlucky that the elevator in Chan Chun Ha Hostel is out of service, he still could enjoyed this by having a race with his friends at the stairs of Hang Seng Hall. This represented young people’s enthusiasm and anticipation to the unknown future. Back to present, the main character was having a reunion with his UC buddies at Si Yuan Amenities Centre. He found that the biggest gift in this journey of UC was his companions. This journey of a UCian was presented in a 2-min video.

UCians are resonated with our video story. Special thanks to the production team for their great effort in creating this great video in 4K resolution within a tight schedule:

Director: Christine Wong
Photography: Steve Li
Narration: 6@RubberBand
Actors (in order of appearance): 
Wong Sau Wang Max | Wong Sung Kai Jack | Lo Suet Lam Michelle | Wong Yee Ching Jasmine | Suen Yin Lok | Yeung Wan Shing Dino | Chan Wai Sam
College Alumnus, Dr Antony Huen | College alumna and member, Ms Shirley Lam | UC staff, Ms Amy Luk | UC staff, Ms Cassie Chan | College student, Ms Charlotte Ip