Staff Update

【UC Staff Association】Year-end Gifts to Appreciate All Junior Staff Serving the Campus

You may not recall each of their names, but you must be aware of their figures in eye-catching amber-coloured uniforms wandering around the campus. At an earlier time close to Lunar New Year, the College and College Staff Association presented some gifts to our junior staff to show our token of appreciation for their hard work.

Special thanks to the following members who had generously donated gifts for our junior staff:

Professor Ben Chen

Mrs Ng Chu Lien Fan

Professor Alan C K Cheung

Professor Puk Wing-kin

Professor Peter C K Cheung

Mr Roger P C So

Ms Crystal K Y Cheung

Professor Nelson L S Tang

Professor Choy Yuen-min

Professor Steve Y L Tse

Professor Fung Kwok-pui

Professor Tsui Kwok-wing

Mrs Gwen Kao

Dr Weight John Alexander

Ms Lam Kit-lin

Professor Stephen H S Wong

Professor Alaster H Y Lau

Ms Lina H Y Yan

Professor Vivian W Y Lee

Professor Jimmy C M Yu

Dr Leung Tak-wah