Student Development

Experience Different Languages and Cultures

The Language Improvement Project successfully ran six different language and cultural programmes in Term 1, four of them were new programmes. The programmes were designed to introduce students to different language and cultural features and arouse their interest to enhance their language skills.


AU01 English Pronunciation Clinic for Intermediate Students

AU01 English Pronunciation Clinic for Intermediate Students was taught by a native English speaker and experienced instructor, Ms Tessa Stewart. This was an online course, the instructor made use of the function of the Zoom platform and arranged individual speaking practice with a few students in every lesson. The one-to-one sessions have helped students to identify their pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, and grammatical problems so that they could practice and make improvements more effectively.


AU02 Korean Language and Culture for Beginners

AU02 Korean Language and Culture for Beginners was taught by Ms CHOI Jinsuk. This course designed for students without prior knowledge of Korean culture. In the lessons, students learnt basic vowels and consonants of the Korean language and numbers; tried Korean food and played a Korean traditional board game ‘Yunnori’. Students’ feedback was good and they appreciated the curriculum design.


AU03 Daily Cantonese

AU03 Daily Cantonese was tailor-made for the non-local Mandarin-speaking students.  The course focused on the daily expressions in Cantonese so that students could adapt their lives in Hong Kong more smoothly. Each of the lessons has a specific topic. In one of the lessons, students went to Si Yuan Amenities Centre and practiced their Cantonese in a real-life situation.


AU04 Appreciating Classical Music

AU04 Appreciating Classical Music aimed to introduce classical music to students who want to learn more about this subject matter. Different kinds of classical music were played during the class for students’ appreciation. The etiquette of going to a concert or an opera was also taught.


AU05 The Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

AU05 The Chinese Calligraphy Workshop was taught by Mr Simon Yung. The course was both theoretical and practical. Students practised Chinese Calligraphy attentively with good works.


AU06 Etiquette and Culture of Wine & Spirits

AU06 Etiquette and Culture of Wine & Spirits was held at Si Yuan Amenities Centre. Students could taste various kinds of wine, e.g., red wine, white wine, Chinese wine, spirits and beers in the lessons. Student also had a taste of wine dining outside campus at students’ own expense during the last lesson. This course had very good students’ feedback.