Staff Update
17 Dec 2021

【UC Staff Association】Christmas Party 2021

The 2021 Christmas Party organised by the United College Staff Association was held on 17 December 2021 at the College Staff Common Room. Due to the pandemic, no food was served but still, colleagues had an enjoyable time participating in dynamic games and lucky draw in the party.

The Staff Association would like to extend their heartiest thanks to the following College members who had generously donated cash or prizes for the lucky draw:  

Mrs Eastre Chan

Ms Vivian W T Lam

Mr Tony M H Chan

Professor Alaster H Y Lau

Professor Chen Yangchao

Professor Lee Hung-kay

Dr Thomas H C Cheung

Dr Ervi Liusman

Ms Crystal K Y Cheung

Mr Roger P C So

Professor Peter C K Cheung

Professor Nelson L S Tang

Professor Choy Yuen-min

Dr Tian Xiaoyu

Professor Ke Ya

Professor Steve Y L Tse

Professor Kuan Hsin-chi

Professor Stephen H S Wong

Professor Kwan Hoi-shan

Ms Lina H Y Yan

Ms Lam Kit-lin

Professor Jimmy C M Yu