2021-22 春季課程

SP01 - 華語電影賞析

SP02 - 篆刻的語言藝術

SP03 - Japanese Language and Culture for Beginners

Course code: SP03A


  • Origami workshop
  • Japanese geography and regional traditions

Course code: SP03B


  • Japanese kamon (家紋) as traditional design and visual communication
  • Learning the proper accent and speak like a native Japanese

Course Outline

SP04 - English & Etiquette for Professionals

Business Etiquette:

  • Why Business Etiquette is Essential
  • Tips for Young Workers
  • Master the Art of Small Talk in an Event
  • Reply an Invitation
  • Social Etiquette and the Art of Communications
  • The meaning of body language

Personal Image, Code of Dressing & Deportment:

  • How to Project a Positive First Impression
  • Personal Image
  • Formal & Informal Dress Code

The Art of the Table:

  • History of Table Manner
  • Seating
  • Be a Gentleman
  • Use of Napkin
  • Reading a Menu
  • Order in English
  • Unacceptable Behaviour
  • Tableware Setting
  • Use of Cutlery
  • Use of Plates
  • Use of Glasses
  • Basic Non-Verbal Communications

The Elegant Formal English Afternoon Tea

  • History of Afternoon Tea
  • Afternoon Tea or High Tea
  • Food Served in Afternoon Tea
  • Afternoon Tea Manner

Be a Proud Chinese

  • Etiquette of Chinese Dinner
  • Share a Few Chinese Stories in English

A Little Extra about our Foreign Friends

  • The Foreigners Palate
  • Exotic Food 


Toastmasters 101: Becoming a Confident English Speaker

This is an activity-based and highly proactive programme in which students will have to interact with each other. The programme emphasizes on listening, understanding and speaking, which are the essential elements for daily life communication. Students are encouraged to participate and prepare for each session.

Course Outline

  • Develop good listening skills
  • Leave a good first impression
  • Formulate ideas off-the-cuff
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Practise group discussion
  • Ask questions to get results
  • Sell a product
  • Apply skills learned

English Pronunciation Clinic for Intermediate Students

This course will assist students who have problems with their pronunciation, intonation, and linkage. Students will have individual sessions where they will receive feedback on their pronunciation as well as designing individual strategies for self-learning.

  • 15mins of individual pronunciation sessions will be arranged for 3-4 students in each lesson; each student will get a total of 2 individual sessions in the course of the whole course
  • There will be short period of teaching time (45mins) and a focus on native speech patterns in classroom practice, using drills in stress, rhythm tone and intonation

Course Outline

The Fashion of Fashionable Language


What makes an expression fashionable? In this workshop, students will explore the features of fashionable expressions and the factors generating the language fashion. Building on their existing language proficiency, students will experience the process of creating new expressions through discussing various social and language issues.



  • Hong Kong popular language
  • The Oxford Word of the Year
  • Summary of features of fashionable expressions
  • Pop word factory: making new expressions
  • Factors driving the language fashion

Course Outline

A Latin America to be Told and Spoken


This course is designed to teach beginner level’s Spanish with a series of experiential activities. Students will be able to get a taste of Latin America’s language and cultural richness through 6 sessions of different themes.



  • Handicrafts: Pronunciation of letters, gender of nouns, numbers and colours
  • Dance: Basic verbs of movement, present tense, basic self-introduction and conversational 
  • Music: Present tense, adjectives, study the vocabularies and expression in the lyrics
  • Movies: Practice listening
  • Food & Drinks: How to order food and drink, talk with the waiters and ask for the bill
  • Travel : Weather, location, description, how to do small-talk in Spanish, emergency phrases.

Course Outline




  • 自我介紹
  • 睇醫生
  • 購物
  • 飲食 (*課堂於課室以外地點進行,上課時間為17:00 – 19:00。)
  • 交通
  • 香港話


Practice English Sound in Speech, Drama, Poetry and Song

Course Outline

In this workshop, we will illustrate, practise and perform the prosodic features and functions of English, such as stress, rhythm and intonation. It seeks to scaffold participants to:

  • Experience, enjoy and analyse how these features function affectively and pragmatically in connected speech, drama, poetry and song to express and elicit feelings and thoughts, tones and attitudes, and views and values;
  • Use these features to effectively communicate with native speakers of English;
  • Understand the differences between spoken and written English;
  • Understand the differences between English and Chinese, in terms particularly of, the stress-timed rhythm and the syllable-timed rhythm;
  • Develop learning how to learn and use English for life creatively through authentic and fun activities.

The workshop will feature a variety of multi-modal materials, and participants are welcome to bring along materials they wish to share for presentation and performance.










第一節   甚麼事都沒發生— —小說的可能性



第二節    誰在敲門— —小說的人物與經營



第三節    今天天氣晴— —小說的氣氛及細節



第四節   打破第四面牆— —敘事的潛越







  • 使學員掌握常見事務文書的格式
  • 使學員掌握常見事務文書的寫作原則
  • 提升學員寫作能力
  • 提升學員表達技巧


  1. 事務文書格式及用語
  2. 事務文書例釋及寫作