Alumni Bonding

An Exploration of Workplace – UC Internship Scheme

As College students, do you start to plan your future career?

As College alumni, do you want to inject new blood to your business?

The above win-win situation is the essence of the UC Internship Scheme, co-organised by UC and UC Alumni Association. The scheme aims to offer internship opportunities for United College students to evaluate their future career possibilities and gain work experiences. 

Stepping into Year 2022, the College strives to expand the Internship Scheme to different career fields. We sent mass email to our graduates who graduated for 10 years or above, inviting them to offer internship opportunities to UC students. Overwhelming responses were received from alumni. With our promotion to our students, twenty students got internship offers after job interview.

Special thanks to alumni employees who offered internship to College students this summer.  Details are listed in appended table.

Alumni Employee Company Name College Student Internship Period
Mr LEE Kim Hung John (81/OFIN) Lee & Wu Solicitors CHOY Tsz Ying Christy (LAWS/3) 4/7/2022-26/7/2022

NG Hang Lam Jenny (LAWS/2)


WONG Hoi Tung Jana (LAWS/2)


Mr CHAN Wing Leung Stanley (85/GPAD) Sun Lawyers LLP

CHEUNG Hei Tung (LAWS/5)

13/6/2022 – 8/7/2022

FOO Wing Lam (LAWS/3)

15/8/2022– 9/9/2022

Ms LEE Man Yee Anita (85/GPAD) Lee Chan Cheng, Solicitors

CHOY Tsz Ying Christy (LAWS/3)

15/8/2022 to 26/8/2022

Mr LEE Kwok Chung Simon (86/BCHE) Lee & So, Solicitors

WONG Hoi Tung Jana (LAWS/2)

25/5/2022 – 30/6/2022
Mr YIP Siu Hong Nelson (91/STATU) Appetizup Company Limited CHOW Oi Tung Tiffany (STAT/3) May – June 2022
LI Qian Alisa (ECON/4) March-May 2022
CHAN Yu Man Stella (PSYC/3) Mid-March – May 2022

Ms CHUNG Yuet Yin (96/PAAC)

OTIS Elevator Hong Kong Limited CHOW Wing Yu Venus (IBBA/3)

22/6/2022 -19/8/2022

Mr WU Kin Fai (05/ELEG) Hong Kong EV Power Ltd. SHEK Yu Fai (IBBA/3)


HO Wing Shan (IBBA/4)


Ms WU Ho Kei (06/STAT) K Marketing & Communications Limited Au Ka Wing (COMM/2) 18/5/2022 – 30/7/2022
Mr LAU Wai Chung (11/PHYS) Tecky Academy Limited CHOI Lok Lam (ECON/3) 25/5/2022-31/8/2022
Ms LAW Sin Yee Sindy(11/ENGE) Atlas Air XUE Yuhan (MATH/3)

1/6/2022 – 31/8/2022

CHOW Tung Justin (IBBA/3)

1/6/2022 – 31/8/2022

Mr YAU Cheuk Yin Chris (13/MAEG) Blue Bird Education YU Ming Dennis (IBBA/4) 13/6/2022 – 31/8/2022

LUI Ka Ho Howard (STAT/4)

13/6/2022 – 31/8/2022
CHAN Tsz Ying (ENGE/4) 13/6/2022 – 31/8/2022

Internship is full of adventure and self-exploration. It is hoped that UC students will treasure these precious opportunities, try their best in the work and explore more career possibilities for a bright future.