Student Development
27 Apr 2021

Healing Art in Hostel – Shall We Draw, Shall We Enjoy

The end of semester means rushing final projects, catching up academic scores, preparing interviews etc. Overwhelming workload may bring high pressure to our students so the College prepared some art activities for a change of peace.

Shall We Draw 

The College invited illustrator Keung @iam_error505 to draw for our students in Common Area of Chan Chun Ha Hostel. She drew in lovely style with positive sentences to cheer students up. Participants were relieved from the huge pressure of examination and homework. It was hoped that this activity could give them new motivation for reaching goals.

Keung also prepared some cards with UC buildings for students to cheer others up. You may get one at the counter of Dean of Students’ Office and Hostels. (Available while stock lasts.)

Mini Art Exhibition – Shall We Enjoy

There is nowhere better than an Art Museum for mental healing. You can have a dialogue with yourself while enjoying art pieces that may bring you comfort and energy. Therefore, the college organised a Mini Art Exhibition named “Shall We Enjoy” from 4 to 16 May 2021 in Public Area of Chan Chun Ha Hostel, displaying more than 20 pieces of drawings from All Things Bright and Beautiful, with a hope to bring a breathing room to all students.

▼ Their colourful and childlike paintings are full of a sense of humor.

Life journey is long and full of challenges. However we are not alone. Remember to create more colourful life with more positive energy!