Staff Update
26 Oct 2020

【UC Staff Association】Refueling Station at Workplace

Group photo of attendees of United College Staff Association Annual General Meeting

Have you ever thought of winning the lucky draw with your colleagues at the Christmas Party? Or joining local tours with your colleagues? Or enjoying Poon Choi with your colleagues during Chinese New Year? All of these are the functions held by United College Staff Association. It was established with the aim of promoting harmonious fellowship amongst College staff members, to strengthen their sense of belonging to the College, and at the same time cheer up our colleagues at work.

Every year in October, United College Staff Association organises Annual General Meeting to elect the Executive Committee members, as well as to give a precious opportunity for our colleagues to gather together and socialise. This year, the format of the Annual General Meeting was a bit different. While maintaining social distancing measures, the Annual General Meeting was held smoothly on 26 October 2020 at the College Staff Common Room. Not only can members present personally at the meeting, but they can also join the meeting and vote for the committee members through watching the online broadcast at Zoom. The annual report and the audited accounting statement submitted by the 2019-2020 Executive Committee were accepted. Meanwhile, the election of United College Staff Association 2020-2021 Executive Committee has been done.

Name List as follows:

Chairperson: Professor Peter C K Cheung
Vice-Chairperson: Mr Roger P C So
Honorary Treasurer: Professor Kevin Y F Au
Members: Ms Crystal K Y Cheung
  Professor Huang Yu
  Professor Ke Ya
  Professor Alaster H Y Lau
  Dr Lau Kwok-on
  Professor Tian Xiaoyu
  Professor Faye S Y Tsang
  Professor Steve Y L Tse
  Professor Eliza L Y Wong
  Mr Wong On-tung
Honorary Secretary: Mrs Eastre Chan
Appointment of Honorary Auditor: Dr Shirley Kan