Student Development
25 Oct 2021

The 54th Athletic Meet of United College

The Athletic Meet 2021-2022 was held on 25 October 2021, with over three hundred students representing six hostels and non-residential halls joining the competitions. Professor Jimmy C M Yu, College Head, Professor Alaster H Y Lau, Associate College Head and Dean of Students, Professor Lee Hung-kay, Associate College Head and Dean of General Education, Professor Stephen H S Wong, Associate College Head, Professor Dr Lau Yuk-king, Associate Dean of Students, Dr Elean F L Leung, Director of Physical Education Unit, Mr Tony M H Chan, College Secretary, Dr Chan Tak-yau and Mr Lo Tak-kai, Senior College Tutors, Ms Crystal K Y Cheung, Warden of Adam Schall Residence, Dr Leung Tak-wah, Warden of Bethlehem Hall, Professor Vivian W Y Lee, Warden of Chan Chun Ha Hostel and Mr Wong On-tung, Warden of Hang Seng Hall, participated to cheer the athletes. The College was pleased to have some alumni serving as judges for the competitions, allowing the competition to run smoothly.