Staff Update
30 Oct 2023

【UC Staff Association】2023 Annual General Meeting

Group photo with all participated members.

The United College Staff Association 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on  30 October 2023. Over 40 members joined the Meeting.

At the meeting, the minutes of the 2022 AGM, the Annual Report of the Association for the Year 2022-2023 and the Audited Accounts of the Association for the Year 2022-2023 were tabled and confirmed by all participated members. Special thanks to the Executive Committee of 2022-2023 for their efforts to serve the Association.

The Executive Committee for 2023-2024 was then elected by a unanimous vote and Dr Shirley Kan was re-appointed as the Honorary Auditor for 2023-2024. The newly elected Executive Committee includes:

Chairperson & Ex-Co Chairperson and Ex-Chairperson & Ex-Officio Member

Professor CHEUNG Chi Keung Peter*

Vice-Chairperson & Ex-Co Vice-Chairperson

Professor WONG Lai Yi Eliza*

Honorary Treasurer & Ex-Officio Member

Professor AU Yuk Fai Kevin*


Dr CHAN Ka Long Donald*


Ms CHEUNG Ka Yee Crystal*


Professor KE Ya*


Professor LAU Hang Yung Alaster*


Dr LAU Kwok On*


Professor TIAN Xiaoyu*


Professor TSANG Suk Ying Faye*


Professor TSE Ying Lung Steve*


Mr WONG On Tung*

Honorary Secretary & Ex-Officio Member

Ms LAU Nim Yan Memory

*Office-bearers in 2022-2023

To conclude the 2023 AGM, the newly elected Chairperson, Professor Peter C K Cheung, has spoken a few words and the buffet luncheon was kicked off after the group photos were taken.

The Executive Committee for 2023-2024.