Scholarships and Student Finance Committee

Scholarships and Student Finance Committee


Professor LEE Wing Yan Vivian

Ex-Officio Members

Professor WONG Heung Sang Stephen(Head)

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin(Dean of Students)

Dr CHAN Man Hin Tony(College Secretary)

Professor HO Che Wah(Chairperson, Student Exchange Programme Committee)


Professor INOUE Tomohiro

Professor KE Ya

Professor KWAN Hoi Shan

Mr LEUNG Yiu Wing Eric

Professor MENG Mei Ling Helen

Professor NG Kwok Wai Enders

Professor SIT Hui Ping Cindy

Dr SIU Kam Wah

Professor ZHAO Yuhong

Student Representative

Student Representatives of Hostels and Non-residential Halls


Mr TANG Cheuk Wa


Ms LIN Sze Yan Celia

Terms of Reference

1. To administer the College’s scholarship and student finance schemes.

2. To nominate students of the College for University scholarships and prizes.

3. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.