Student Development

“United College to Experience” – College Assemblies of United College, 2021-2022 Term 1

With the theme of “United College to Experience”, 12 College assemblies in different formats including talks, drama appreciation, campus tours and so on were held in Term 1 of 2021-2022. The fruitful content brought the vibes of United College to our students. Priority was given to Year Two students to attend College Assemblies held on UC campus, as they might not have the chance to come to UC campus in the first year of their studies due to COVID-19.


17/9/2021 College Assembly (Sir Run Run Shaw Hall)

Representatives of various student organisations signed on the “Student Life Charter” and introduced their activities to the fellow students. Guests joined the signing ceremony as witnesses.


24/9/2021 & 8/10/2021 Fitness Workshops (I) & (II) – High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) (UC Thomas Cheung Gymnasium)

Mr Ray Ho of UC PE Unit and UC Sports Association Students gave a training workshop to the students on elementary level of High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The two workshops were conducted in Cantonese and English respectively, to cater the needs of local and non-local students. Each workshop had an enrolment of 100 students.


15/10/2021 & 29/10/2021 Fitness Workshops (III) & (IV) – Yoga Class (UC Thomas H C Cheung Gymnasium)

Ms Eva Wong, CUHK alumna, conducted fitness workshops  to the students on yoga stretching. The two workshops were conducted in Cantonese and English respectively, to facilitate the need of local and non-local students. Each Workshop had an enrolment of 100 students.


18/10/2021 & 21/10/2021 2021-22 Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lectures (conducted on-line)

Professor SATO Masayuki of Department of Philosophy, Taiwan University delivered two talks. The topics of the two talks were:

The Development of Xunzi Studies for the Past 300 Years in Japan and its Contemporary Significance

Xunzi and Mr. Lü ’s Spring and Autumn Annals during the Era of the Transformation of Political Order among the Warring States

The talks were conducted in Putonghua. For details, please click here.


19/10/2021 65th College Anniversary Alumni Dialogue (Sir Run Run Shaw Hall)

Mr Lo Ting-fai, Director and General Manager, HK Television Entertainment Co. Ltd. (ViuTV) talked on the theme “About Creativity” to an audience of 500 students. Mr Lo is a United College alumnus. Professor Anthony Y H Fung of the School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK, was the moderator for the dialogue.


17/11/2021 Nightfall Walk at United College (United College Campus)

Dr Chan Tak-yau, Senior College Tutor, guided 20 students for a Nightfall Walk at United College, to allow them to experience the College campus from multi-dimensions.


3/12/2021 65th College Anniversary Talk (Sir Run Run Shaw Hall)

Professor Linda C W Lam, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK, delivered a talk on the theme of “Finding your Sanctuary in Emotional Cyclone”, with more than 500 students. The talk received overwhelming response from students especially in the Q & A Session. Professor Lam is a United College alumna.


8/12/2021 65th College Anniversary Art Forum (UC Staff Common Room)

Mr Freeman Lau, a well-known designer, conducted a sharing with the theme “Starting from the Works collected and shown in M+”.  Mr Hardy S CTsoi, Senior College Tutor, was the moderator of the Art Forum.