Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Founded in 1956

Number of Students


Number of Teachers


Number of Alumni


Number of Hostel Places


Amount of Scholarships, Awards and
Financial Aid offered by
UC in 2024-2025

Reaches HK$12000000

Amount of Financial Subsidies of
Globe-Oriented Active Learning (GOAL)
Programme in 2024-2025

Around HK$3300000

Students Quota of
Globe-Oriented Active Learning (GOAL)
Programme in 2024-2025

More than 230

College Motto

“Ming De Xin Min”

The College motto “ming de xin min” means “make one’s virtues shine and renew the people”. It is modified from a passage in the classic The Great Learning.

College Mission

In elaborating the College motto “Make One’s Virtues Shine and Renew the People”, United College strives to serve the people of Hong Kong and China and the world through integrative education, pastoral care as well as moral and spiritual enhancement of the young.

College Emblem

Emblem of United College,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Download Emblem Size: 110KB | Adobe PDF File

College Song

The College Song was composed by Ms Susan Tan, daughter of Mr Chen Fong-neng Daniel, former Trustee of the College. The lyrics of the song were written by Professor C C Chan, the founding Chairman of the Chinese Department of the College.

Download the College Song