Si Yuan Amenities Centre Club Management Committee


Professor Alaster H Y LAU

Ex-Officio Members

Professor Jimmy C M YU(Head)

Professor Alaster H Y LAU(Dean of Students)

Professor LEE Hung-kay(Dean of General Education)

Mr Tony M H CHAN(College Secretary)

Professor Stephen H S WONG(Chairman, Committee on Alumni Affairs and Development)

Professor Nelson L S TANG(Chairman, College Life Committee)


Dr Thomas T T CHEN


Professor KE Ya

Professor Cindy H P SIT

Professor TANG Sze-wing

Professor TANG Wai-kwong

Ms Monica M S YUEN

Professor ZHAO Ni


Mrs Jackie CHOW

Terms of Reference

1. To implement policies for the management and operation of the SYAC Club including matters relating to its membership and functions.
2. To oversee the management and operation of the SYAC.
3. To promote the use of the SYAC by members of the SYAC Club.
4. To set-up sub-committees as and when required for organising activities for the SYAC Club.
5. To be accountable to Assembly of Fellows and Cabinet.