Student Development

Beginner’s Guide to New Language & Culture: Language Improvement Project 2023-2024 Autumn Programmes

The Language Improvement Project has successfully organised six different kinds of language and cultural courses in the first term in 2023-2024. The courses were designed to introduce students to different languages and cultural features and arouse their interest in language learning. Let’s take a look at the autumn programme!

AU01 Social English

This course was taught by Ms Tessa Stewart, a native English tutor, in combination of face-to-face and zoom classes. Ms Stewart has prepared various activities and games for students to consolidate the learning content. Students also had a great night at Si Yuan Amenities Centre, engaging in conversation with our two Fellows from the Williams College in the USA. During zoom classes, students were invited to voice out their opinion on specific issues in the speaking practice sessions, helping students to identify their pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, and grammatical problems.

AU02 Contemporary English Calligraphy

It was the very first time for the College to launch an English calligraphy course. This course was taught by Ms Jenny Leung, and was specially designed for beginners. Starting with practicing writing capital and small letters, students could gradually refine their skills of holding brush pens and creating their own English calligraphy style. Under the instructor’s guidance, students’ writing skills have improved rapidly. In the last lesson, students had a chance to design personalised Christmas cards for their friends and write their own motto, using brush calligraphy.

AU03 Daily Cantonese

The Daily Cantonese course was designed for non-local Chinese speaking students and continued to be taught by Dr Ng Ka Yi. The course aimed to help participants to adapt to their new life in Hong Kong through learning useful Cantonese phrases for greetings, shopping, seeing a doctor and dining out. Students also had a chance to practice Cantonese speaking by ordering food at Si Yuan Amenities Centre and share their school life with the instructor.

AU04 Etiquette and Culture of Wine & Spirits

This course was taught by Mr Raymond Luk at Si Yuan Amenities Centre, the only liquor-licensed restaurant in CUHK. Students had the opportunity to taste and learn about the characteristics of different types of wine, including red wine, white wine, Chinese wine, spirits and beers during the lessons. A delightful wine dining experience was arranged in the last lesson. The ambience was exceptional, providing a setting where students could indulge in delicious food and exquisite wines and put what they have learnt into practice.

AU05 Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture

Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture was co-taught by three Japanese instructors. In the class, students learnt how to introduce themselves in Japanese. Popular songs were used as a tool to help students learn basic Japanese vocabularies. Moreover, students also had chances to experience unique Japanese cultural activities, such as making origami and participating in bon odori!

AU06 The Language and Art of Chinses Seal

Mr Thomas Kong has once again been invited to teach students how to make their own Chinese seal stamp in this semester. This course not only focused on the culture of Chinese seal, but also the practical skill of craving a Chinese seal stamp. Students gained a better understanding of the origin and transformation of Chinese seal and successfully made their own stamp.

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