Student Development

Cultivating Culture: Language Improvement Project 2023-2024 Spring Programmes

The Language Improvement Project – Spring Term 2023-2024 has been completed in early April. Two language and cultural programmes were organised in this semester. The programmes were designed to introduce different language and cultural features and arouse student’s interest to enhance their language skills.

SP02 Appreciating Classical Music

Mr Johnson Chan of the English Language Teaching Unit, the course instructor, guided the students on how to listen and appreciate classical music, and introduced a number of classical music masterpieces to them. The students expressed immense gratitude for the course, with some eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience the classical music culture in Europe!

SP03 Appreciation of Chinese Films

This course was taught by Mr Wong Nap Hei of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. Mr Wong selected several films and provided an in-depth introduction of the directors, filming techniques, cultural symbolism, and historical background behind these films to students. Students thoroughly enjoyed the course and expressed hope that the College would continue to organise relevant courses in the future.

Stay-tuned for LIP 2024-2025!