Staff Update

Friday Luncheon Presented by College Life Committee in Term 2 of 2023-2024 (Part II)

Friday Luncheon stands as a cherished tradition of the United College, which welcomes College members and their friends to participate and enjoy during term time. A short talk session was also held once a month at the Friday Luncheon. College members were invited to share their recent life experiences or other interesting topics. The College envisions Friday Luncheons as a dynamic platform, fostering interaction and cohesion among members with diverse academic backgrounds. Furthermore, the Friday Luncheon provides a moment of relaxation for members in midst of their hectic schedules. The College extends heartfelt gratitude to all members for their valuable contributions and enriching exchanges.

Here are some of the fruitful contents and short talks in March and April:

01.03.2024 Lannang Culture from a Lannang Perspective (Speaker: Professor Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales, Department of English

15.03.2024 Gathering with Ms Hiroko Nishida, Executive Director of Kamenori Foundation from Japan

12.04.2024 Bring the Beautiful Scenes Home with You (Speaker: Mr Jackey Y K Cheung, Department of Computer Science and Engineering)