Student Development

Learning Through a Diverse Community Service – Sharing from the Award Recipients of UC Social Service Award Scheme 2022-2023

The United College Social Service Award Scheme was established in 2002. Eight students completed 200 hours of community service and attained the Gold Award in 2022-2023. Full list of award recipients are as follows:

Gold Award

CHAN Wing Yin (HIST/3)

CHEN Sing Yu (NURS/4)

CHENG Wang Chi (IBBA/2)

JIANG Yujie (HIST/2)

LAU Ching Wai (SOCI/3)

MAK Serena (PHPC/2)

WAN Siu Kwan (CHLL/3)

WONG Wai To (MEDU/3)

Silver Award

KO Nga Yui (FNSC/5)

Bronze Award

CHAN Fuk Lam (QFIN/2)

CHEUNG Hoi Ying (IBBA/3)

▼Let’s know more about the most unforgettable community service experiences shared by the Gold Award Recipients▼

The volunteering experience was serving as a tutor to teach three-year-old children through games at the Montessori Education. As the students I interacted with were too young, I needed to catch their attention by using cartoon-like speaking tones and teach interesting daily life knowledge in the meantime. Through this experience, I have equipped the skills to teach and communicate with children. For example, it is easier to increase the attractiveness of the lesson by avoiding giving too many instructions in one sentence when talking to them.
– Chan Wing Yin (HIST/3)


The most unforgettable volunteering experience that I have was when I was part of the first aid coverage for an international karate competition and watch athletes from 10 countries competed in various disciplines of karate. I saw the athletes suffered from minor abrasions and lacerations to more severe injuries such as fractures and head injuries in the competitions. Although the atmosphere was tense and chaotic, it was a good opportunity to learn how to treat these injuries properly and efficiently. More importantly, the positive feedback of my patient had given me an immense sense of fulfilment and made me feel as though I was genuinely servicing the society.
– Chen Sing Yu (NURS/4)


Volunteering has been a memorable journey for me. One of my most unforgettable volunteering experiences was having the opportunity to assist underprivileged children with special educational needs (SEN) at a local community centre. During the service, I received comprehensive training on effective ways to engage with SEN students and acquired essential skills to help them developing emotional control techniques and enhancing their communication skills. Moreover, I played a crucial role in establishing a strong connection between the SEN students and their parents, acting as a steadfast supporter for those in need. This volunteering endeavor not only left a positive impact on the lives of the students and their families, but also taught me the importance of empathy and inclusivity.
– Cheng Wang Chi (IBBA/2)


The most unforgettable thing was when I was on an outreach trip to Tung Po, and the course we led only took a very short period of time. However, on the way back in the car, we suddenly heard someone on the roadside shouted, “Teacher, teacher.” At first, we did not think much on it, but later we realised that the voice was coming from the children who had just attended our course. So, we quickly turned around. As soon as we got off the car, the children shouted “Teacher! Teacher!” and excitedly rushed towards us, throwing themselves on us. Despite the short duration of the course, seeing the smiles on the children’s faces made everything worthwhile, even after travelling a long distance to serve in a foreign land.
– Jiang Yujie (HIST/2)


This service internship program brought me to Taiwan Toy Library in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Over the course of 1.5 months, I had the opportunities to participate in numerous service activities alongside local colleagues. Our services targeted children, elderly, and also services remote communities which span across multiple cities in Taiwan. By using toys as the tool and media of the services, each service session opened the hearts of both the children and the elderly. Witnessing their pure and genuine smiles filled me with a deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment. These precious moments become the driving force behind every service we provided.
– Lau Ching Wai (SOCI/3)


Liugui, Kaohsiung, located at the intersection of hills in the central mountain range of Taiwan, is a place with limited transportation access. There are many broken families and elderly living alone here. I am fortunate to be able to bring joy to the children and elderly in this area through toys, allowing them to experience the fun of building blocks and board games. Their smiles and the warm but slightly unfamiliar interactions between the elderly and children, made me feel incredibly heartwarming.
– Mak Serena (PHPC/2)


As I have witnessed the spirited and gleeful children carrying their toys home, the happiness of toy recycling becomes tangible, marking a seamless arc for my internship. Each toy is carefully cleaned and inspected at the Taiwan Toy Library, serving as a temporary sanctuary before their next mission. This perpetual cycle, beautifully encapsulated by the association’s partners, can be succinctly summarized as in the motto: “For the pure joy it brings.”
– Wan Siu Kwan (CHLL/3)


My most unforgettable volunteering experience was serving as the founding service director of Mediclover, a team of medical students dedicated to spreading positivity to patients in need. As future healthcare professionals, we aimed to plan inspiring services for patients who are suffering from illness and lacked channels to express themselves. Through multiple visits and services at hospitals, we provided them with a place to confide in and express their inner emotions. After organising and participating in over 10 services, we now have a team of more than 90 volunteers, providing care for hundreds of patients. It was incredibly rewarding to see the impact we had on the lives of those we served, and I am proud to have been a part of such a meaningful project.
– Wong Wai To (MEDU/3)