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Revisit Remarkable Moments of CUHK 60th Anniversary Thematic Campus Tours

To commemorate the significant milestone of the 60th Anniversary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the 60th Anniversary Alumni Activities Working Group, in collaboration with several alumni organisations and the Alumni Affairs Office, organised 22 exciting celebratory events. These events aimed to allow numerous alumni to share the joy of the university’s diamond jubilee. As part of these celebrations, the United College Alumni Association (UCAA) took charge of launching a series of CUHK 60th Anniversary Thematic Campus Tours. Led by various professors and scholars, these tours provided alumni with the opportunity to explore the diverse facets of their alma mater. Click here to revisit the coverage of the inaugural tour.

Thanks to the tremendous support from alumni, all three thematic campus tours reached full capacity within ten minutes of registration. The College Alumni Association strived for perfection in their arrangements. In addition to providing shuttle bus services, they even started leasing professional tour guide headsets for the final tour, making it easier for both speakers and participants to communicate. Now, let us revisit the highlights of these remarkable moments.

The second “CUHK 60th Anniversary Campus Tour: Innovation @CUHK,” took place on 23 September 2023. This tour focused on CUHK’s biomedical research. Professor Stephen K W Tsui, Associate Director (Research), School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK, and Chairperson of the United College Environmental Committee, led the alumni on a visit to the state-of-the-art facilities at the Lo Kwee Seong Integrated Biomedical Sciences Building. The tour showcased advanced equipment and offered glimpses into Professor Tsui’s laboratories, which are dedicated to human cancer and allergy research. Furthermore, Professor Tsui shared successful examples of commercial applications stemming from cutting-edge research at the university. He also invited his PhD student, Mr Brian S H Wong and his postdoctoral fellow, Ms Carol Lee, recipient of UC Ming De Scholarship, to share their ups and downs of the research journey.

The third “CUHK 60th Anniversary Campus Tour: Tracking CUHK Architecture – Past and Future,” was held on 7 October 2023. Despite the hoisting of Typhoon Signal No. 3 in Hong Kong on that day, alumni’s enthusiasm remained undeterred. Although there was light rain at the beginning, the rest of the itinerary went smoothly under pleasant weather conditions. This tour was led by Professor Zhu Jingxiang, Director, BSSc Programme, and Chairperson of the United College Campus Planning Committee, along with Dr Han Man, Lecturer of the School of Architecture, CUHK and member of the Chung Chi College Campus Development Committee. The alumni were guided on a leisurely walk through the campus, with special emphasis on the architectural features of the four constituent colleges: Chung Chi, New Asia, United, and Shaw. The tour extended from the University Mall to the newly developed Area 39, offering insights into CUHK’s planning and construction.

The final “CUHK 60th Anniversary Campus Tour: Exploring the Beauty of Nature in CUHK,” took place on 18 November 2023. Led by Professor Lam Kin Chi, Senior College Tutor of United College, the alumni embarked on an expedition to explore the campus’s natural habitats, encompassing birds, animals, insects, and fish. They savored the sight of soaring birds, marveled at blossoming flowers and towering trees, experienced the awe-inspiring landscapes of Ma Liu Shui from up close, and relished the chance to breathe in the fresh air and rejuvenate their minds and bodies in the embrace of nature at CUHK.

The alumni wholeheartedly enjoyed these immersive campus tour experiences. The guest speakers were well-prepared, delivering insightful content. Coupled with the active engagement and enthusiasm of the alumni, these four CUHK 60th Anniversary Thematic Campus Tours proved to be a resounding success.