Alumni Bonding
26 Mar 2024

Selfless Hero: Unyielding in Service with Boundless Devotion

Student Translator: Hai Wing Yin Pinky (TRAN/3)

The 30th Alumni Talk, jointly organised by United College and the United College Alumni Association, was held on the evening of 26 March 2024 at the College Staff Common Room. The talk was conducted in the format of a high table dinner, where 80 guests and students first enjoyed a buffer dinner. Subsequently, the College invited College alumnus, Dr Lam Kin Kwan (89/MEDU), Director of Resuscitation Training Centre, and Consultant of A&E Department, United Christian Hospital, Hospital Authority, delivered a dinner talk on the topic “To Actively Contribute to the Society and to live a Fulfilling Career as a Doctor”. Dr Lam shared his experiences with fellow students and encouraged them to leave a positive impact on the community.

Ms Lina H Y Yan (2nd left), Chariman of Board of Trustees, Mr Simon K C Lee (far left), President of UCAA, and Professor Stephen H S Wong (far right), College Head, presented souvenir to Dr Lam Kin Kwan (2nd right).

A group photo of Dr Lam, guests, and students.

Dr Lam Kin Kwan has made significant contributions to the medical field, evident through his receipt of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service in 2019 and his recognition as the Outstanding Staff of the Kowloon East Cluster of Hospital Authority in 2023. Additionally, Dr Lam serves as the Chairperson of the Hong Kong Disaster Medicine Association and Chairman of the Resuscitation Council of Hong Kong, actively involved in responding to large-scaled disasters, improving efficiency, and minimising injuries. His dedication to benefiting society is commendable, both in the realm of medical profession and community service.

Sharing Knowledge and Co-creating a Supportive Community

Dr Lam established the Kowloon East Cluster Resuscitation Training Centre and United Christian Hospital Resuscitation Training Centre, providing comprehensive basic and advanced resuscitation training. During the pandemic, he trained members of the Auxiliary Medical Service on infection control and to take swabs for PCR tests, enabling them to perform COVID related duties, helping to alleviate manpower constraints at that critical time. He also travelled to Sichuan, a province in southwest China, to train doctors and nurses as instructors of Community First Aid Training, empowering them to pass on their knowledge through community training. Dr Lam’s tireless efforts have significantly contributed to community development and the ongoing enhancement of healthcare standards.

Furthermore, Dr Lam organised mentorship programmes in Youth Mentorship Scheme to impart his knowledge and expertise to aspiring secondary school students . His influence transcends to different age groups, serving as a guiding light for future generations. He pointed out that medical students are opting for psychiatry or smaller specialties instead of popular specialties like surgery and general medicine in recent years. However, Dr Lam believed that trends are not crucial; what truly matters is for doctors to stay true to their original intentions. He encouraged them to hold onto their initial passion for serving the community and remain steadfast in facing demanding workload and challenges.

Facing the Pandemic Challenge

During the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, Dr Lam represented the Hospital Authority in the mission of escorting Hong Kong residents back from Wuhan. At that time, Wuhan Airport was deserted, with only one flight arriving from Hong Kong. The pandemic posed a formidable challenge, particularly given the uncertainty surrounding severity of the disease and the ways to handle it. This uncertainty triggered widespread panic, not only within the city but across the globe. The aircraft cabin, being confined in space, required utmost caution to prevent any potential widespread infection. Hence, Dr Lam and his team took extra measures to avoid a large-scale outbreak.

When queried by a student about how he explained the unstable situation to his wife, Dr Lam calmly replied that he had anticipated all scenarios and believed in his ability to manage them. He reassured his wife before departing to Wuhan, stating, “If one possesses the capability and knowledge to contribute to Hong Kong, one should go for it.” Driven by gratitude, he dared to serve for our society, fearlessly and selflessly, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to Hong Kong.

Always Remembering the WHY and Keep Persevering

Dr Lam recalled the rigorous university entrance requirements in the 1980s when only five out of a hundred people could enter The University of Hong Kong or The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Every time he got off at the bus stop in Tai Po Road, he received respectful gazes from others, filling him with pride. He highly appreciated the Government financial support – grant and loans for completing his medical degree successfully, and eventually enabling him to become a professional doctor. He always remembers himself to give back to the society.

As Dr Lam said, one should not confine themselves to their own field but go the extra mile to serve the community. He served as the Chief Medical Commander in events like FIA Formula E World Championship, the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, and the UCI Track Cycling World Cup, applying his expertise extensively to assist others and contribute to society. Through these events, Dr Lam had the opportunity to interact with professional athletes from around the world, from whom he learned the spirit of perseverance and endurance in the face of adversity. Especially in competitions where victory or defeat is determined by milliseconds, there is no room for complacency, but merely endurance.

He advised students from United College to adhere to the college motto of “Ming De Xin Min”, modified from a passage in the classic The Great Learning, which means “make one’s virtues shine and renew the people”. As members of society, they should engage in volunteer work to assist the underprivileged. This endeavour goes beyond serving Hong Kong ; it extends to serving the world through integrative education, staying abreast of the times, and keeping up with the pace of societal advancements.

Before embarking on the journey into the future, we must not to overlook the present. Dr Lam reminisced about his time living in the Adam Schall Residence and Hang Seng Hall, and advised students to cultivate interpersonal networks during their college years, actively participate in hall life, connect with peers beyond their academic disciplines, expand their social circles, and broaden their knowledges base. “In the future, having a wide network of friends will be beneficial in any industry.” he said. Thus, he reminded students not to confine themselves to their own circle but to connect with diverse individuals, as it will undoubtedly benefit them in the future.

Lastly, Dr Lam emphasised the importance of take good care of themselves and regular exercise. He especially mentioned that one of his most cherished memories was watching the college team compete against other colleges or universities and institutions. He encouraged students to cherish their time on campus, embrace personal growth, collaborate with their peers, and contribute to society. By doing so, they play an integral role in creating a better living environment for all.