Campus Fun

United College Lunar New Year Celebration

The College and the United College Staff Association organised a series of activities for celebrating the Lunar New Year. Let’s recap the happy moments:


Lunar New Year’s Eve Luncheon

The Lunar New Year’s Eve Luncheon jointly organised by the College and United College Staff Association was held on 18 January 2023 at the College Staff Canteen, with a banquet of eight tables. Colleagues reunited and shared the joy of Lunar New Year. Professor Stephen H S Wong, College Head, and Professor Peter C K Cheung, Chairman of the United College Staff Association, presented gifts to junior colleagues in recognition of their work in serving the College in past year.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following members who have generously sponsored gifts to the junior staff:

Mrs CHAN TANG Tsui Yee Eastre

Professor LEE Wing Yan Vivian

Professor CHEUNG Chi Keung Alan

Dr LEUNG Tak Wah

Professor CHEUNG Chi Keung Peter

Ms LUK Man Yee Amy

Dr CHEUNG Huen Cheong Thomas

Professor NG LUN Ngai Ha Alice

Ms CHEUNG Ka Yee Crystal

Professor TANG Sze Wing

Professor CHOY Yuen Min

Professor TSE Chi Shing

Professor CHUNG King Lam Calvin

Professor TSE Ying Lung Steve

Professor FUNG Kwok Pui

Professor WONG Chi Sang Martin

Professor HUANG Zhifeng

Professor WONG Heung Sang Stephen

Ms LAM Kit Lin

Mr WONG On Tung

Ms LAM Wai Ting Vivian

Professor WOO Kam Sang

Mr LAM Wai Yuen George

Ms YAN Hau Yee Lina

Professor LEE Hung Kay

Professor ZHOU Lin

Professor LAU Yee Cheung




Lunar New Year Lion Dance

Wishing all a fruitful year of the Rabbit!

The College organised the Lunar New Year Lion Dance after a gap of three years to celebrate the Chinese New Year on 6 February 2023. Special thanks to the UC Martial Arts Society Lion Dance Team! They performed a lion dance at the College office. Ms Lina H Y Yan, Chairman of Board of Trustees, and Professor Stephen H S Wong, College Head, led the eye-dotting ceremony to kick of the event. With the sound of drums and gongs, the team performed the Lion Dance throughout the office, . The festive spirit got into full swing.

Wishing all a fruitful and healthy year of the Rabbit!


Lunar New Year Tea Gathering

Lunar New Year Blessings

A joyful Lunar New Year Tea Gathering was held on 6 February 2023 at the United College Staff Common Room. More than 80 members joined the celebration, where they enjoyed a variety of activities such as booth games, lantern riddles, Bingo games, as well as tea buffet and festive cakes. Special thanks to Professor Chang Song Hing, Senior College Tutor, for providing the riddles. Professor Stephen H S Wong, College Head, and Professor Peter C K Cheung, Chairman of the College Staff Association extended their Lunar New Year blessings to colleagues.