Student Organisations

Student Union

The Student Union of United College was established in 1962. Its constituent bodies include the Executive Committee, Council and affiliated interest groups and departmental societies. The Student Union website is at

The Executive Committee is the highest administrative organisation of the Student Union. It is responsible for drafting activity proposals and legislation for approval by the Council, and for implementing the decisions. The Executive Committee organises various large scale College events, such as Orientation Camp and Anniversary activities through direct involvement or the recruitment of organising committees. The Committee also manages the Student Union Office and all related facilities. All activities of the Executive Committee are monitored by the Student Union Council. 

The Council is the highest legislative and monitoring organisation of the Student Union. It handles the election, registration and resource allocation of all affiliated student bodies. It is also responsible for monitoring all those organisations registered under the Student Union.

The affiliated student bodies include student hostels, non-residential halls, interest groups and departmental societies. There are over 40 organisations involved, which are all self-administered on a yearly re-election basis, striving for better benefits for their members and organising various non-formal educational activities for College students. Their interest widely spread across academic, cultural and arts, sports and music.

Residents’ Associations

Each hostel has a residents’ association composed of residents, responsible for organising activities and seeking welfare for all residents, allowing them to have a wonderful hall’s life.

Non-residential Halls

The College set up two non-residential halls: Pak Chuen Hall and Ping Fan Hall, aiming to provide suitable social and recreational venues for non-residential students after class.

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Interest Groups